Design - Plan Sheet Library

These drawings were developed and are supported by the Headquarters Design Office; however, they are provided “as is”. The user assumes full responsibility for the plan’s adequacy to address a specific construction situation and for any alterations to the drawing by the user.

When a drawing from this Plan Sheet Library is used in a contract document, a Professional Engineer must review the plan and accept full responsibility for its contents in the manner prescribed by the Washington State Department of Licensing.

A Note about Evolving Standards and Barrier Standard Plans
WSDOT continues, in cooperation with FHWA, its implementation of the AASHTO Manual for the Assessment of Safety Hardware (or MASH). MASH is the new national standard for crash testing and design of new roadside barrier. With the MASH implementation schedule now complete, the Design Office has recently removed a number of standard plans that do not represent MASH compliant design, while new designs are in development and published over time. In the meantime, these plans can be viewed on this page and may be incorporated into projects upon review and on a case by case basis. Please contact Tim Moeckel for more information.

The Plan Sheet Library provides drawings (Details) of:

  • Site-specific details
  • Experimental designs that are precluded from adoption as Standard Plans
  • Former Standard Plans which no longer meet current design policy criteria, but are offered for maintaining existing installations (not meant for new WSDOT installations)

These drawings each have a narrative explaining the intended use and some of the possible impacts associated with its usage.

Plan Sheet Library Table of Contents


Bridges and Trestles (BT)

  • None at this time

Drainage Structures and Hydraulics (DS)

Site Preservation and Erosion Control (EC)

  • None at this time

Fence and Glare Screen (FS)

Curbs, Sidewalks and Driveways / Geometric Design (GD)

Illumination, Signals, and ITS (IS)

Roadway Delineation / Pavement Markings (PM)

Roadway Construction (RC)

  • None at this time

Roadside and Site Development (RD)

Signs and Sign Support (SD)

Traffic Barrier (TB)

For more information about plans in this category, contact the HQ Roadside Safety Lead.
Tim Moeckel

(Old) Type 1 Guardrail

For more information about plans in this category, contact the HQ Roadside Safety Lead.
Tim Moeckel

Work Zone Traffic Control (TC)

Retaining, Noise Barrier, and Geosynthetic Walls (WS)

  • None at this time

Fern Liddell

Standard Plans questions