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I-5 - Woodland Vicinity at Horseshoe Lake - Upgrade Pump System - Complete Fall 2021

Project overview

The Horseshoe Lake pump station located along Interstate 5 near the City of Woodland in Cowlitz County is a water intake and pump system that moves water from the Lewis River into Horseshoe Lake. The pump keeps water flowing between the lake and the Lewis River and helps maintain water quality in the lake. The previous pump system was deteriorating and had outlived its service life.

In summer 2021, contractor crews will install a new pump system, which includes a dock, pump house, and associated electrical improvements. Additionally, the existing fish screens that help keep fish safe from being pumped through the system do not meet current Department of Fish & Wildlife regulations and must be replaced.

Spring 2020 - Fall 2021
Project status
$2.8 Million

What to expect

The new pump system provides a more reliable flow of water into Horseshoe Lake, helping to maintain good water quality and reduce the need for costly repairs for years to come. The new system also brings fish screens up to current standards. There were no traffic impacts to travelers as this work was done within Horseshoe Lake. 

I-5 - Woodland Vicinity at Horseshoe Lake in Cowlitz County