Computer Aided Engineering - Software Usage

Consultant use of WSDOT's Bentley Software
This document, in conjunction with our Consultant Training document, clarifies consultant use of WSDOT's software licenses for Bentley Systems MicroStation and InRoads to deliver WSDOT projects. Bentley Systems has reviewed this document and concurs that this information is not in violation of the Bentley Select license agreement with WSDOT.

The definition of "on-site" or "off-site" consultant is an important distinction in the determination of what WSDOT can and can not do with our Bentley software licenses and training. These terms are defined below along with training descriptions:

  • On-site Consultants: Consultants co-located with WSDOT staff in WSDOT facilities using WSDOT computers and logon ids.
  • Off-site Consultants: Consultants working from their own facilities using their own computers.

Consultant License Use and Training Attendance

  • On-site consultants are considered the same as WSDOT employees and have full rights to use WSDOT's Bentley software licenses when using the software from a WSDOT owned computer.
  • Off-site consultants can not use WSDOT's Bentley software licenses under any circumstances.

Clint Hill