Active transportation

Active transportation: Using a human-scale and often human-powered means of travel to get from point to point; includes walking, bicycling, using a mobility assistive device such as a wheelchair or walker, and using micromobility devices.

Bicycling in Washington: Bicycling plays a key role in Washington's transportation system. Washington state was named the nation's number one "Bicycle Friendly State" by the League of American Bicyclists. For more information see, Bicycling in Washington.

Walking in Washington: All Washingtonians are pedestrians at one time or another - to get to work, for recreation, as part of events and tours, and our children may walk to school. In fact, most trips that people make every day are short enough to be accomplished by foot or using a mobility assistance device such as a wheelchair. For more information see, Walking in Washington.

The State Active Transportation Plan released in 2021 provides more information on data sources and limitations. The information there doesn't match this dashboard exactly due to the use of different data sources available when the plan was developed.