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WSDOT Megaprograms offer many contract opportunities for small and MVWDBE businesses. Learn more about each megaprogram and find helpful resources below.

Equal opportunity in contracting

Find out about contracting opportunities with WSDOT and how we can help diverse businesses.
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Community voices

Hear the benefits of working with wsdot from community leaders and contractors.

Regina Glenn - Diversity & Inclusion Manager, WSDOT Megaprograms

"Transportation is a sustainable opportunity for income. From surveys to design and building, there are ample opportunities for a sustainable, livable income. Join us."

Nicole Norman - Founder Pacific NW Bio

"The bigger WSDOT contracts give me the opportunity to give my employees good strong wages, they can take care of their families, and they get paid weekly. Is a good opportunity."

Everette Adams - CEO, Systems Consulting LLC

"I got involved with the WSDOT Megaprograms originally through their community engagement. Once they know you, you become part of the WSDOT family."

Bobby Forch - Inclusion & Compliance Administrator, WSDOT Megaprograms

"A good business brings a legacy to your family. It provides choice. Where you live, what you eat, medical care, where your kids go to school - everything. Real opportunities to build legacy are here."