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Master record reviews

Airport Master Record reviews, also known as 5010 inspections, verify the physical and operational features of civil public-use airports. They also ensure airports meet minimum safety standards, comply with regulations, and follow Federal Aviation Administration recommendations. Inspectors review items such as runways, taxiways, ramps, fuel types, repairs, radio frequencies, wind indicators, other services available at the airport, and gather information regarding the types of aircraft serviced (such as single engine, multi-engine, jet, helicopter, gliders, military, and ultra-light). WSDOT rotates 5010 inspection locations annually to ensure each airport in the state is inspected every three years per FAA recommendation.

Performance analysis


Master record reviews

In 2023, WSDOT determined that 87% of runway pavement at 30 airports (11 airports had turf, gravel, or water runways) was in excellent or good condition. The inspector found that of the 33 runways at the 30 airports (some have more than one runway and one runway had no markings) approximately 88% had markings in good or fair condition.

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WSDOT manages 15 general aviation airports statewide

WSDOT Aviation manages 15 general aviation airports in Washington state. Methow Valley Airport is the only federally-funded facility designated in the Federal Aviation Administration's National Plan of Integrated Airport System (NPIAS). The primary functions of the state-managed airports include supporting emergency management and forest firefighting activities, providing transportation access to remote communities, emergency medical operations staging areas, access to recreational areas, and enhancing the overall level of safety for the state aviation system particularly for emergency landings.

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