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QConBridge™ Overview
QConBridge™ is a live load analysis program for continuous bridge frames.   This software has been developed for the Alternate Route Project. QConBridge™ performs live load analysis for the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification HL93 live load model. The software accommodates standard and user defined DC and DW dead loads, and performs Strength I, Service I, Service II, Service III, and Fatigue Limit State combinations.

QConBridge™ is licensed with the Alternate Route Open Source License.

Library Update

The QConBridge precast girder library has been updated to include the new WSDOT girder sections; WF74G, W83G, and W95G. To begin using the new library, right click on the link below and select the "Save Target As" option. Save GIRDER.TBL the file to the QConBridge directory replacing the original library file. The default QConBridge directory is "C:\Program Files\Washington State Department of Transportation\QConBridge" (without quotes). If you have customized the girder library, be careful not to overwrite your custom library.

Right-click this link to download the latest girder library.

Alternatively, the QConBridge distribution has been updated to include the new library. Simply download and re-install QConBridge to get the new library.

  • Current Version: 1.3 May 11, 2005
  • Version 2 Upgrade Project

    • Supports the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, First Edition
    • Use SI or English units interchangeably
    • Virtually any bridge section and geometry can be modeled
    • Integrated Section Properties Calculator to compute section and material properties, as well as live load distribution factors
    • The Bridge Contractor will help you build a bridge model to your specifications
    • Interactive model editing including Cut, Copy, and Paste features
    • Model non-prismatic spans
    • Model in-span hinges
    • Model cantilever spans
    • Build 2D bridge frame models, not just 1D beams
    • Supports DC and DW load cases with built-in and user defined loads
    • Supports HL93 notional live load model, including the optional dual tandem truck train
    • Supports pedestrian live load
    • Load combinations for Strength I, Service I, Service II, Service III, and Fatigue Limit States
    • Customizable shear and moment diagrams
    • User defined plotting styles
    • Detailed reporting
    • Context sensitive help
    • 32 bit program for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98

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