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QConBridge™ Known Problems
No matter how hard we try, no software is perfect. In order to keep you informed of problems that might effect your designs we publish this list of known problems. However, we don't stop here. Interim (or preview) updates to the software are published as quickly as possible to provide you with the latest enhancements and fixes. Be sure to check out the download area to get the latest version of the software.

Topic: Display of Pedestrian Live Load is incorrect
Version: 1.3
Date: February 03, 2009
Description: When in US units mode, the value shown for pedestrian live load is incorrect. The value shown is the input value in N/m even though display shows lbf/ft. This is simply a display problem. QConBridge uses the correct load when performing the analysis.

Topic: Dead Load incorrect - Equivalent Density Not Computed Correctly by the Section Properties Calculator
Version: All
Date: February 10, 2000
Description: QConBridge computes self-weight dead load as the product of Ax and Density, found in the Span Edit dialog. The Section Properties Calculator is an efficient tool for computing Ax and Density. The Section Properties Calculator computes a transformed area for Ax and an equivalent density for Slab on Beam sections.

The Section Properties Calculator incorrectly models Slab on Beam cross sections, resulting in an equivalent density that is incorrect. This leads to an unconservative estimate of dead load.

The Section Properties Calculator fails to account for the portion of the slab that falls outside of the effective slab width as shown in the figure below. The neglected portion of the slab is shown in red.

EffectiveDensityBug.jpg (20047 bytes)

To correct for this deficiency, compute the "missing" equivalent density as

(Gross Slab Depth)*(Tributary Slab Width - Effective Slab Width)*(Density of Slab Material).

Add this value to the Density for the composite cross section computed by the Section Properties Calculator.

Resolution: Pending

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