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There are a variety of support options for WSDOT Bridge Engineering Software.

Support from WSDOT

WSDOT engineers are working for the tax payers of the State of Washington. In general, WSDOT only provides support to WSDOT engineers. WSDOT is not obligated to provide support to anyone else.

Engineers employed by local agencies in Washington State and consulting engineers that are working on projects directly for WSDOT or local agencies in Washington State can also get support from WSDOT. However this is done on an "as available" basis. That is, WSDOT staff will provide basic support if they have time and it does not significantly detract from performing regular duties.

WSDOT will support others on a case by case basis when doing so is mutually beneficial. Consider the following examples:

You think there is an error in the software. WSDOT wants to know about all possible errors so they can be addressed. WSDOT will work with you to resolve the issue. This is mutually beneficial.

You are confused about how the software performs a particular function or how to model a complex structure. The software documentation isn't helping you resolve the issue. WSDOT wants the software to be as easy to use as possible. You are helping WSDOT understand shortcomings in the software and WSDOT is helping you use the software. This can be mutually beneficial in certain situations.

You are not experienced with the engineering principles or design requirements being employed by the software and need support understanding the bridge design specifications, bridge design manuals, inputs to the software and analysis results. This is not mutually beneficial and WSDOT will not provide support.

You will be referred to the support options described below when WSDOT cannot provide support.

Peer-to-Peer Support

BridgeSight Inc. is generously hosting peer-to-peer support forums at PGSuper.com. There is no cost to use these forums, though a user account is required. Questions are posted to these public forums and users of the software provide answers. Engineers from WSDOT and BridgeSight monitor these forums and occasionally answer general questions.

WSDOT and BridgeSight are not obligated to provide support in these forums. These support forums are provided as a courtesy from BridgeSight Inc.

The success of the peer-to-peer forums relies on participation from users like you.

Professional Support

Professional support can be purchased from third party vendors. The extent of the support services are between you and the service provider. Support options typically include annual support agreements and per-incident support services.

Known third party support vendors are:

Please let WSDOT know about other third party support vendors

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