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QConBridge™ Version 2 Upgrade Project
Work on the QConBridge upgrade project continues. We have completed the requirements, system design, and theoretical manuals. The user interface design is nearly complete and will be posted within the next few weeks.

Our next task is to develop the system architecture and to identify and design key subsystems.

We will use this web site to keep everyone informed of our progress. We post our work products below for your review and comments. We strongly encourage you to be actively involved throughout the development of this software.

Work Products
  • Software Development Plan (PDF)(Word97)
    Describes how this software development project will be conducted
  • Vision and Scope Document (PDF)(Word97)
    Describes the business requirements that are driving this project, what the scope of this project are, and describes the long term vision for this product.
  • Requirements (PDF)(Word97)
    Describes the engineering problem this software will solve, within the scope of this project.
  • System Design (PDF)(Word97)
    Described detailed requirements that describe what this software will do when it is complete
  • Theoretical Manual (PDF)(Word97)
    Describes in detail how the software will solve the engineering problems included techniques for modeling the various bridge structures and loading conditions.
  • User Interface Specification (PDF)
    Describes the user interface in detail

Please post your review comments to ARP-list@lists.wsdot.wa.gov

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