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About the Multimodal mobility dashboard

WSDOT's annual Multimodal Mobility Dashboard which replaces the Corridor Capacity Report provides annual multimodal mobility performance information on select state-owned facilities.

The MMD's highway analysis focuses on the state's most-traveled commute corridors, analyzing congestion and the strategies used to mitigate it—including public transportation and WSDOT's Incident Response program. Where data is available, the MMD also analyzes multimodal freight mobility as well as travel by passenger rail, ferry, airplane, and walking and biking.

Multimodal Mobility Dashboard content is separated into the following sections:
  • Executive Summary (statewide)
  • Central Puget Sound Region
  • South Puget Sound Region
  • Spokane Region
  • Vancouver Region
  • Tri-Cities Region
  • Public Transportation
  • Rail
  • Aviation
  • Ferries
  • Freight
  • Active Transportation
  • Incident Response


This dashboard includes three navigation tools:

1 This menu allows quick navigation to previously visited pages
Breadcrumb navigation image
2 This menu lets the user navigate between individual pages within a regional mobility or multimodal mobility section
Tab menu navigation for page move image

Page components

Pages in the Regional Mobility and Multimodal Mobility sections have the following components: 1 Page navigation, 2 Brief description of subjects, 3 Charts, 4 Multi-year trends and 5 Annual highlights.

CCR subject overall image

Page navigation

Allows the user to jump directly to a section of interest such as multi-year trends or annual highlights.
Section jump image

Brief description of subjects

Gives a quick overview of the page subject(s). In the example image, the page subject is commute times on Interstate 5 in the Central Puget Sound region.
Brief description image


Allow deeper dives into the data underlying the content of the section. The chart in the example is set to display average and reliable (95th percentile) commute travel times from Federal Way to Tacoma on I-5 in general purpose lanes and by public transit. The drop-down menus can be used to show the same measure for a different commute trips on the same corridor.
Chart sample image

Multi-year trends

Provide analyses of how (and, where possible, why) the performance measure shown in the charts changed over a five-year period. The example image shows a discussion of commute travel times on I-5 in the South Puget Sound region from 2017 through 2021.
Multi-year trend image

Annual highlights

Provide discussions of one-year changes in the performance measure, such as the differences between 2020 and 2021.
Detail Annual highlights image

Downloading data

To download images and data from the charts:

Hover over the chart and click on and empty area of the chart.
Detail for each year image
Click the Download button at the bottom of the chart.
Detail for each year image Detail for each year image
A download selection menu will pop up. To download data, select "Data" or "Crosstab." Selecting "Data" will open a new browser tab from which the user download all of the data in the chart as a .csv file. Selecting "Crosstab" will let the user choose whether to download all of the data in the chart or only one section of it (for example, only the data for the northbound part of a delay chart), as well as whether to download the data as an Excel file or a .csv file. Selecting "Image", "PDF" and "PowerPoint" will allow the user to download an image of chart in the selected format.
Detail for each year image

Sharing charts

To share a chart and its data with others:

Hover over the chart and click on an empty area of the chart.
Detail for each year image
Click on the share button at the bottom of the chart.
Detail for each year image Detail for each year image
A window with fields labeled "Embed Code" and "Link" will pop up. If you are sharing the chart via e-mail, copy the text from the "Link" field and paste it into the body of your email. If you would like to embed the chart into a website, copy and paste the text from the "Embed Code" field.
Detail for each year image

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