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BridgeLink™ Frequently Asked Questions
Q3 Where can I find release notes for the various BridgeLink applications such as PGSuper and PGSplice?
A3 The WSDOT Bridge Software download site has an entry for each BridgeLink application. The release notes, FAQs, and other information about specification BridgeLink applications can be found in these entries.

Q2 Which version do I have?

BridgeLink uses a layered versioning scheme. The main BridgeLink program has a version number as well as each individual BridgeLink Application (such as PGSuper). The version numbers can be found in the About dialog. Just select Help > About BridgeLink

The versions numbers for BridgeLink and its various applications for each version of the software can be found in the release history.

Q1 How is BridgeLink different from PGSuper?
A1 BridgeLink and previous versions of PGSuper are actually very similar. In fact, PGSuper is an early version of BridgeLink. As the number and variety of software applications that integrate into PGSuper/BridgeLink software framework, using PGSuper as the umbrella name stopped making sense. BridgeLink links together bridge engineering software tools and PGSuper is one of these tools.

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