Key Dates

  • 2015 I-405/SR 167 Executive Advisory Group working meetings; express toll lanes launch
  • January 2014 Funding and Phasing Report published 
  • 2013 I-405/SR 167 Executive Advisory Group working meetings
  • May 2011 Environmental Assessment published
  • April 2011 EHB 1382 authorized tolling on I-405 between Bellevue and Lynnwood
  • January 2011 Expert Review Panel Final Report
  • January 2010
    Eastside Corridor Tolling Study final report

I-405 and SR 167 Eastside Corridor Tolling

Option 4 Map
The 2009 I-405/SR 167 Executive Advisory Group selected Option 4, shown above, as a viable option for improving the I-405 corridor. This option adds express toll lanes between Renton and Lynnwood. 
I-405/SR 167 Funded Projects
Express toll lanes on I-405 from downtown Bellevue to Lynnwood opened in 2015. 



The Eastside Corridor, which stretches down I-405 and SR 167 to SR 512, is the only north-south highway alternative to I-5 in the Puget Sound region.   

WSDOT has looked at a range of options for transportation improvement to address the projected increase in population and employment along this corridor. The I-405 Corridor Master Plan (pdf 174 kb) and the SR 167 Valley Freeway Plan acknowledge the importance of connecting I-405 and SR 167 to form a seamless corridor, and together they form the basis for the I-405/SR 167 Corridor vision.

The I-405/SR 167 Corridor Master Plan includes new highway lanes, improved interchanges, express toll lanes, expanded transit service including bus rapid transit (BRT) and expanded vanpool programs . Other features, such as the SR 167 Express Toll Lanes Pilot Project , the SR 167 extension in Pierce County  and the I-405 express toll lanes will connect the entire corridor with a system better equipped to manage traffic demands in the future. 

The first phase of I-405 express toll lanes  opened in September 2015 in the 17-mile stretch between Northeast 6th Street in Bellevue and I-5 in Lynnwood.  

Express toll lanes provide a choice

Express toll lanes give drivers the choice to use the carpool lanes by paying a toll. Similar to the SR 167 HOT lanes , express toll lanes operate as an expressway within a highway while allowing toll-free trips for transit and vanpools.

Express toll lanes offer benefits

Express toll lanes will better use the existing I-405 highway lanes and provide drivers with a more reliable trip. These lanes will use dynamic toll rates, which change based on real-time demand and congestion. The toll you see when you enter the lane is the price you will pay for the trip.

WSDOT is building express toll lanes because they:

  • Operate efficiently , moving more people and offering a more reliable trip.
  • Manage demand to improve speed and reliability.
  • Strategically add capacity to increase throughput.
  • Reduce congestion, improving mobility for transit, freight, and drivers in all lanes.
  • Generate revenue by charging a user fee for non-carpool vehicles to use the express toll lanes. Revenue could help fund future corridor improvements, such as on I-405 from Renton to Bellevue and at the SR 167/I-405 interchange.

Public Information Contact:

Anne Broache
I-405/SR 167 Corridor Communications

Laura Johnson
WSDOT Toll Division

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