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Barlist™ SDK Overview
This web site provides documentation for software developers creating Add-in components for Barlist Version 4.

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    Barlist™ SDK is licensed with the Alternate Route Open Source License.

  • Current Version: Barlist™ SDK March 23, 2001
    Believe it or not, Barlist Version 4 supports add-in components developed by third parties. Why does such a simple little program support such a powerful feature? The need to support add-in components stems from the fact that our users want to generate barlist contract drawings directly from the Barlist program. If we all used the same CAD system, with the same customizations and we promised never to change, generating barlist drawings would be relatively straightforward. In reality we all use different CAD software and those that use the same software have it configured differently. The WSDOT Bridge and Structures Office uses MicroGDS, many of our consultants use MicroStation or AutoCADD. Other CAD systems could conceivably be created at some future time. How can the Barlist program generate barlist contract drawings for a CAD system that doesn’t even exist yet and for an unpredictable set of customizations? The answer is, it can’t. However, through the use of add-in technology, you can develop your own add-in that supports a specific CAD system.

    Creating barlist contract drawings isn’t the only use of add-in components. The add-in features of the Barlist program are wide open. You can make an add-in do what ever you like. For example, a standard add-in is the BXF File Generator. This add-in creates barlist files in the BXF format found in Version 3 of the Barlist program. Let your imagination guide you.

    Building Add-ins with Visual Basic

    Building Add-ins with Visual C++

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