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WBFL™ Overview
The Washington Bridge Foundation Libraries™ (WBFL) provide the foundation upon which WSDOT is building its next generation bridge engineering software tools. The WBFL consists of programmable software components that can be used in spreadsheets and MathCAD documents that you write as well as C++ libraries for those of you write bridge engineering applications. This software has been developed for the Alternate Route Project.

The WBFL™ is licensed under the terms and conditions of the Alternate Route Library Open Source License. Under certain circumstances you can develop propriety software that uses WBFL components. Review the license carefully for details.

The WBFL features the following libraries for use with spreadsheets, MathCAD, and other Automation clients:
  • LBAM - Longitudinal bridge analysis modeling
  • FEM2D - Plane frame finite element analysis
  • GEOMETRY - Geometric primitives and shape modeling
  • SECTIONS - Modeling of bridge sections and elastic properties
  • UNITSERVER - General purpose unit conversions, unit mode management, and display unit management
  • TOOLS - Miscellaneous engineering tools
  • COGO - Parametric Coordinate Geometry

The WBFL also contains the following C++ class libraries:

  • BMF - Bridge Modeling Framework
  • BAM - Bridge Analysis Framework
  • REPORTING - Create interactive HTML reports
  • MATH - Math routines including function modeling and root finders
  • MFCTOOLS - Our custom extensions to the Microsoft Foundation Class library
  • GRAPHICSLIB - 2D Plotting
  • LRFD - Encapsulates several LRFD computational methods
  • MATERIAL - Material modeling
  • REINFORCEDCONCRETE - Biaxial strain compatibility analysis of reinforced concrete sections

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