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I-5 - Interstate Bridge Replacement Program

Project overview

As the only continuous north-south interstate on the West Coast between Mexico and Canada, I-5 is a vital trade route for regional, national and international economies. With one span now over 100 years old, it is at risk for collapse in the event of a major earthquake and no longer satisfies the needs of modern commerce and travel.

Operating and maintaining these aging structures costs around $1.2 million each year, split evenly between ODOT and WSDOT. Larger maintenance projects to keep the Interstate Bridge in service are expected to cost over $280 million through the year 2040, not including seismic retrofit. Replacing the aging Interstate Bridge across the Columbia River with a modern, seismically resilient, multimodal structure that provides improved mobility for people, goods and services is a high priority for Oregon and Washington.

2019 - 2035
Project status
Not started
$5 to $7.5 Billion
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What to expect

This project is in the environmental phase - construction has not started and travelers should not expect to see any construction-related delays. The IBR (Interstate Bridge Replacement) program is committed to promoting the best ways to minimize, avoid, and mitigate the impacts of replacing and operating this key connection within our community. 

The Interstate Bridge is located on Interstate 5 where it crosses the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon.