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Identify Key Strategic Statewide Transportation Issues

The focus of the Transportation Plan Update is organized into nine key strategic issue areas. Each fundamental issue relates in some way to all modes of the transportation system and its facilities and services. Understanding the interrelationships between these issues is essential to creating a plan that has an appropriate positive contribution to our state. This step in the process involves identifying the needs at the regional level with specific modal needs that have statewide significance. Strategies for addressing gaps and needs will be developed for each of the nine issue areas.

  • System Preservation
  • Safety
  • Transportation Access
  • System Efficiencies
  • Bottlenecks & Chokepoints
  • Moving Freight
  • Strong Economy & Good Jobs
  • Health and the Environment
  • Future Visions

To learn more about the nine issue you can review the folios, PowerPoint presentations, or the Washington Commission briefing papers at the online Document Library. The WTP Data Library is a centralized body of information where you can find the latest information on these issues.

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