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Tolling Library & Resources

Below is a list of publications to view and/or download. If you do not have Adobe Acrobatâ„¢ Reader, you will need to download a free version from their website in order to view the following publications.

| Engineering Documents | Social Services Resources | Educational Media

Publications Materials
WSDOT Toll Division Annual Report FY 2014 Report (pdf 5.8 mb)
WSDOT Toll Division Annual Report FY 2013 Report (pdf 3.8 mb)
2013 Toll Division Operational Review Report (pdf 1.2 mb)
Appendices (pdf 3.6 mb)
SR 520 Toll Operations & Traffic Performance Summary Report 2012

Download (pdf 1 mb)
Summary of Settlement Agreement
WSDOT & Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation

Download (pdf 89 kb)
Draft Auditor Memo on Tolling

Download (pdf 0.94 mb)
ERP Preliminary Findings & Recommendations

Download (pdf 1.01 mb)

Engineering Documents Materials
WSDOT Toll Signing Design Guidance
Provides instruction and guidance for preparing contract plans, special provisions and estimate packages for highway construction projects.
Download (pdf 1.23 mb)

Social Service Resources Materials
Paying your Pay By Mail toll bill
A guide that explains how photo toll bills are generated, how to pay them and how to avoid additional charges.
Download (pdf 142 kb)
Responding to a Notice of Civil Penalty
A guide for individuals who receive a penalty notice for unpaid tolls. It explains why you received it, what your options are and the timeline for response.
Download (pdf 124 kb)
How Tolling Works and How to Pay Toll Handout
A guide that explains ways to pay toll, how tolling works, and how to open an account.
Download (pdf 190 kb)
How To Pay Your Toll Bill
Information about how to pay a toll bill in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.
Icon - indicates Spanish language Spanish (pdf 1.3 mb)
Chinese (pdf 1.4 mb)
Russian ( pdf 1.3 mb)
Japanese (pdf 1.4 mb)
Korean (pdf 1.4 mb)
Vietnamese (pdf 1.3 mb)
Responding To A Notice of Civil Penalty
Information about responding to a notice of civil penalty in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.
Icon - indicates Spanish language Spanish (pdf 1.3 mb)
Chinese (pdf 1.3 mb)
Russian (pdf 1.2 mb)
Japanese (pdf 1.7 mb)
Korean (pdf 1.5 mb)
Vietnamese (pdf 1.3 mb)

Educational Media Download/View/Listen
Promotional and Educational Ads
Television, print and radio ads to build awareness about all electronic tolling, the SR 520 Bridge replacement project and Good To Go!
Visit Promoting Good To Go! page
News and Event Updates
Good To Go! news, updates and happenings
Visit Good To Go! News and Events page
How Tolling Works Video
Watch this video to learn more about how all-electronic tolling works on the Tacoma Narrows and SR 520 bridges and SR 167 HOT lanes.
Watch on YouTube
Watch on Windows Media Player
Informational Video
An informational video about tolling on the SR 520 bridge. Features Good To Go! , how it works and how to sign up for an account. Also includes information for regular commuters and infrequent bridge users.
Watch on YouTube
Watch on Windows Media Player
Good To Go! User Guide
Learn about how Good To Go! works, pass and account options and about SR 520 Tolling.
Watch on YouTube
Watch on Windows Media Player
Photo Collection
Pictures of WSDOT's electronic tolling projects and system on SR 167, Tacoma Narrows Bridge and SR 520 Bridge.
View Collection on Flickr