SR 520 Bridge Tolling

520 toll facility
520 toll facility location map

A Good To Go! pass is the cheapest and most convenient way to pay for tolls when you travel across the SR 520 bridge.

The SR 520 bridge is an all-electronic tolling facility. There are no toll booths so drivers pay the toll through a Good To Go! account or Pay By Mail where a toll bill is sent in the mail to the vehicle’s registered owner for $2 more per trip.

Ways to pay the tolls

Account Options:

There's no need to have an account to cross. Registered vehicle owners without an account will receive a bill in the mail through Pay By Mail for $2 more per trip.

Rental Cars
Drivers using a rental car can open a Short Term Account within 72 hours of crossing the SR 520 bridge to pay their toll. We recommend you check with your rental car agency to review their policy surrounding tolls if you plan to travel on the SR 520 bridge in a rental car.

Toll Rates and Exemptions   

Toll Rates
Toll rates on the SR 520 bridge vary by time of day and on weekends .

Registered vanpools and transit are exempt from tolls on the SR 520 bridge, along with authorized emergency response vehicles on a bona fide emergency. Emergency response vehicles using the bridge in a non-emergency must pay the required toll.

Transit Options

Visit Sound Transit and King County Metro websites to learn more about your options if you plan to vanpool or take public transit to cross Lake Washington.


Toll Bills and Notice of Civil Penalty

Toll Bill
Pay toll bill online or visit toll bill guide to learn more about toll bills and your options.

Notice of Civil Penalty
Pay civil penalty online or visit civil penalty guide to learn about civil penalties.

Tolling Background

SR 520 tolling is part of the Lake Washington Urban Partnership, a collaborative effort between WSDOT, King County, the Puget Sound Regional Council, and the Federal Highway Administration to explore innovative ways to help manage congestion in the SR 520 corridor. Tolls also help build a new, safer SR 520 bridge. Tolling on SR 520 is expected to raise $1.2 billion to help fund the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program.

Traffic and Financial Information

We publish financial statements quarterly. Visit the 520 bridge traffic and finance information page to view financial information including traffic and revenue reports.

Library and Publications

Visit the library and publications page for finance information, study reports, media and other public outreach materials including translations. 


Visit frequently asked questions about SR 520 bridge tolling or email us at .