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Washington's Roundabouts

Roundabouts are not new to Washington State. We have been building them in Washington since 1997. Not only are they increasing in number in Washington, they are also popping up all across the United States, and for good reason too. They are safe and efficient.

There are approximately 120 roundabouts in Washington, with many more planned:

Map of roundabouts in Washington State with orange dots depicting planned and blue dots depicting existing

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Existing State Highway Roundabouts:

I-5, Galaxy Drive/Quinault Drive/Freedom Lane , Lacey, Thurston County - single lane roundabout at the end of the northbound off-ramp.

SR 9, SR 538 near Mount Vernon, Skagit County - construction was completed in 2007.

I-90, West Lake Sammamish Pkwy,  King County – this intersection was reconstructed for greater capacity and traffic flow. The roundabout was completed in fall 2005.

I-90, Eastbound Ramp to SR 202, North Bend, King County - WSDOT built a two-lane roundabout at the interchange of I-90 and SR 202  in North Bend to improve safety and traffic flow. Work was completed in Oct. 2007

SR 16, Burnham Drive Interchange ramps.

SR 202, Preston Fall City Road & Junction SR 203, King County - WSDOT built a one-lane roundabout to improve safety at this intersection. Construction was completed July 2008.

SR 203, 124th Street/Novelty Hill, Duvall, King County – a multi-lane roundabout built in fall 2004. This was the first roundabout on a high-speed roadway.

SR 206, Bruce Road, Spokane, Spokane County – this roundabout near Spokane opened to traffic in December 2005.

SR 240, Tri-Cities Added Lanes, Richland, Benton County - roundabouts were constructed at the Richland Wye eastbound off-ramp and at Steptoe Street. The project was completed in June 2007.

US 395, Main Street and Hawthorne Street, Colville, Stevens County – a single-lane roundabout was opened to traffic in 2003. It also has two commercial access driveway approaches in it.

SR 501 (Pioneer Way), 45th Avenue in Ridgefield, Clark County. Completed in 2007.

SR 510, Marvin Road, Lacey, Thurston County – several roundabouts were constructed in 2003 at intersections throughout this project.

SR 522, Main Street westbound off-ramp -- Multi-lane roundabout built in 2001.

SR 903, Bullfrog Road, Cle Elum, Kittitas County – a single-lane roundabout that opened in spring 2005.

US 395, Columbia Drive to SR 240 - Kennewick, Benton County - WSDOT built a roundabout at the busy SR 240/US 395 interchange to reduce collisions and improve traffic flow.

SR 539 (Guide Meridian) Bellingham, Whatcom County  - Roundabouts were built at four key intersections on (SR 539) Guide Meridian Road to improve safety and relieve congestion north of Bellingham. Construction was completed in 2009.

SR 510, Yelm Loop phase 1 - Pierce County - WSDOT built a roundabout as part of corridor improvement projects. Construction was complete in 2010.

US 12, Pine Street Interchange Ramps, Walla Walla County - WSDOT built roundabouts at ramp intersections as part of this widening project. Work was complete in 2010.

I-82, Valley Mall Boulevard, Union Gap, Yakima County - WSDOT reconfigured the intersection and added roundabouts to help relieve congestion and improve connections with local roads. Construction was completed in 2011.

I-5, Blaine exit interchange improvements - Whatcom County - WSDOT built two roundabouts at the I-5 interchange to complement nearby border expansion work by the GSA. Construction was complete in 2010.

I-5, SR 11/Josh Wilson Road realignment - Burlington, Skagit County - WSDOT built two roundabouts to reduce congestion and collisions at I-5 on- and off-ramps. This project was complete in 2010.

SR 303, Manette Bridge replacement - Bremerton - WSDOT built a roundabout at the end of the new Manette Bridge to help traffic flow more smoothly onto local streets

SR 542, Everson Goshen Road to SR 9 - Deming, Whatcom County - WSDOT built two roundabouts at Smith Road and Nugents Corner. This project was complete in 2011.

US 12, SR 124 intersection - Burbank, Walla Walla/Franklin counties - WSDOT built a roundabout at the intersection of US 12/SR 124 to reduce congestion and collisions. Construction was complete in 2012.

US 2, Rice Road safety - Sultan, Snohomish County - WSDOT built a single-lane roundabout to help control traffic flow and reduce the risk of collisions. Construction was complete in 2012

I-5/SR 531 intersection improvement - Arlington, Snohomish County - WSDOT is building a roundabout to improve safety and reduce congestion. Construction is under way.

SR 92 - 99th Ave and 113th Ave roundabouts - WSDOT will build two roundabouts to reduce the change of collisions near Lake Stevens.

SR 546, Depot and Bender road roundabouts - Lynden, Whatcom County - WSDOT will build two roundabouts to reduce the risk of collisions and improve traffic flow.

Roundabouts currently under construction

Here are some of the roundabouts currently under way:

SR 14 - Camas/Washougal widening and interchange - Clark County - WSDOT is partnering with local cities to build roundabouts at Union and Second streets. Construction is under way.

US 395, Francis Ave. to Farwell Road - Spokane - WSDOT will build a roundabout as part of a larger project to complete the North Spokane Corridor. Construction is under way.

SR 522, US 2 to Snohomish River widening - Monroe, Snohomish County - WSDOT will build a new roundabout at the 164th St. on-ramp to SR 522. Construction is under way.

I-5/SR 501, Ridgefield interchange - Woodland, Clark County - WSDOT is building roundabouts at two interchanges on SR 501 as part of a larger intersection improvement project. Construction is under way.

SR 9 - 84th St NE intersection improvements - WSDOT will build one roundabout to reduce congestion and improve safety on SR 9 in Snohomish County.

Roundabouts currently in the design process

Here are some of the roundabouts currently being planned by state and local engineers for construction in the near future:

SR 282, Nat Washington Way Intersection, Ephrata, Grant County - Design work is currently on hold, pending additional funding.

I-82, Red Mountain interchange - WSDOT plans to build a roundabout at the SR 224/SR 225 intersection near Benton City. This project is partially funded.

SR 510, SE of Reservation Road/Yelm Highway - WSDOT plans to build roundabouts at two intersections to reduce the risk of collisions.

SR 18, Issaquah-Hobart Road to I-90 - King County - WSDOT is considering improvements to a seven-mile section of highway, including roundabouts at key interchanges. This project is currently unfunded.

Cities with multiple roundabouts, not on a state highway:

Federal Way
Gig Harbor
Moses Lake
University Place

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