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Research Reports

Through, Over, or Under Guardrail Penetration by Guardrail Height

Description: This report evaluates whether a clear correlation between guardrail height and penetration of the guardrail exists in the collision and roadside features inventory datasets available for Washington State. In particular, do guardrail heights of 27 inches or lower experience more through, over, or under penetrations (TOU) than 28 inch or greater guardrail installations?

  • Date Published: December, 2009
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 742.1
  • Last Modified: January 25, 2010
  • Authors: Brad Manchas, Dave Olson.
  • Originators: Washington (State) Dept. of Transportation. Design Policy, Standards & Research Team
  • # of Pages: 15 p., 9.4 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Guardrails, Height, Physical properties, Collisions.
  • Keywords: Guardrail height, penetration, through, over, under, collision, Roadside Features Inventory Datasets, Washington (State).
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