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Feasibility Study of a Pavement Management System for Washington Counties


The feasibility of adopting the Washington State Pavement Management System (WSPMS) for use by Washington counties was established. The WSPMS design offers a great deal of flexibility for adjusting the system to satisfy the counties' needs. Some modifications to computer programs will be necessary and can be accomplished with relatively modest effort. The major adjustments will be in those counties' input data. The only data that are absolutely essential are those for determining and evaluating pavement condition and the most cost effective rehabilitation strategies.

The state computer system has an adequate storage capacity to support usage of the WSPMS by a large number of counties. Dial-up capability is available for use of WSPMS from remote terminals. Data processing hardware options available to counties range from no data processing equipment to stand alone computer system.

A trial demonstration is recommended. Two counties, one large with in-house computer facilities and one small with no or minimal facilities would be chosen to test the system.

Significant benefits are anticipated from the use of WSPMS. Washington counties desiring to improve the process of pavement management may find adopting and operating the WSPMS to be feasible and desirable.

  • Date Published: June, 1984
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 62.1
  • Last Modified: August 15, 2007
  • Authors: R. Kulkarni, F. Fin, A. Lamot.
  • Originator: Thurston County (Wash.). Dept. of Public Works.
  • # of Pages: 142 p., 2,461 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Cooperation, Covariance, Data processing, Feasibility analysis, Pavement maintenance, Pavement management systems, State government.
  • Keywords: Pavement, pavement repair, pavement management, maintenance.
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