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Sign Fabrication Manual

Description: The Sign Fabrication Manual was prepared to assist public and private sign fabricators in maintaining a uniform appearance of official highway signs.

Sign Fabrication Manual Individual Chapters

Comments (pdf 78 KB)
Foreword (pdf 61 KB)

Numerical Index (pdf 219 KB)
Alphabetical Index (pdf 67 KB)

Series D (pdf 783 KB)
Series E (pdf 337 KB)
Series G (pdf 442 KB)
Series I (pdf 913 KB)
Series L (pdf 233 KB)
Series M (pdf 582 KB)
Series P (pdf 161 KB)
Series R (pdf 2.5 MB)
Series S (pdf 269 KB)
Series W (pdf 1.7 MB)

Appendix (pdf 486 KB) 

Revision History



Complete Manual


2006 August

M 55-05

PDF (7.4 MB)

PDF (2.1 MB)

2004 March

M 55-05

PDF (5.3 MB)

PDF (1.9 MB)

2000 June

M 55-05 

PDF (3.3 MB)


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