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Bicycle Racing Guidelines

Description: The Bicycle Racing Guidelines were developed as a cooperative effort between WSDOT, the Washington Bicycling Advisory Committee, and the Washington State Patrol to provide guidance for the safe and efficient operation of competitive cycling events on Washington state highways.

Download the Bicycle Race Permit Application, WSDOT Form 242-017.

  • Publication Number: M 3050
  • Last Modified: August, 2010
  • Version: 3050.02
  • Manual Manager: Cathy Cooper
  • Originator: WSDOT Traffic Operattions
  • # of Pages: 58
  • Subject: Guidelines for bicycle racing on state highways.
  • Keywords: Bicycle Racing Guidelines, Washington State Department of Transportation Bicycle Racing Guidelines, WSDOT Bicycle Racing Guidelines, Bicycle Race Permit Application, WSDOT Form 242-017
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2010 August

M 3050.02

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2010 May

M 3050.01

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1998 January

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