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Campaign signs sprouting like flowers

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 15:05

Pat O’Leary, WSDOT outdoor advertising specialist, 360-705-7296

WSDOT reminds campaigners to check regulations for legal sign locations

OLYMPIA – Candidates and their supporters are reminded by the Washington State Department of Transportation that campaign signs are not allowed in the state highway right of way.

Because it’s not always easy to know the boundaries of a state highway right of way, here are a few clues:

  • Utility poles are typically located inside the right of way; so no signs between the pole and the state highway.
  • Many locations

also have a fence line separating the right of way from private property. Signs are not allowed between the fence and the state highway.

Under the Washington Administrative Code 468-66, temporary political signs are allowed on private property visible from state highways. However, the property owner must consent and the sign must comply with the WAC, as well as any local regulations.

Campaign signs on private property visible from the state highways must also meet the following requirements (pdf 18 mb):

  • Maximum size of 32 square feet in area.
  • Remove within 10 days following the election.

Local municipalities might also have additional regulations, which could differ from city to city and county to county.

Questions about determining the boundary lines for a state highway right of way can be directed to: WSDOT Outdoor Advertising Specialist Pat O’Leary at OLearyP@wsdot.wa.gov or by calling 360-705-7296. Be prepared to provide the state route number (Interstate 5, State Route 28, US 2, US 97, etc.) and the name of the nearest intersection or approximate highway milepost.

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