LTAP classes for local agencies

LTAP classes are open to employees of cities, counties, tribes, ports, transit agencies, WSDOT and other state agencies, consultants, contractors, and out-of-state public agencies.

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Classes fill quickly, and seats are limited for many of our trainings - Please register only if you will attend.
We hope to provide many classes with no fees, and are fortunate to often use facilities with no cost. 
We can register only two per agency for most classes, in order to provide spots to many agencies.
Please Note: coffee, refreshments and meals are not authorized, nor provided for LTAP classes and WSDOT (a Washington state agency). Please be prepared to provide your own, taking into consideration the class location and times.

Current LTAP Classes

Concrete Pavement Preservation Workshop  (pdf 24.36 kb) 
Tue & Wed, May 14-15, 2019 (Tumwater)
Cost: Free

WSDOT Intersection Design  (pdf 97.19 kb)
Thu, April 4 (Vancouver)
Wed, April 17 (Yakima)
Tue, April 23 (Wenatchee)
All classes 8am to 4pm
Cost: Free

TTAP (Tribal Technical Assistance Program) Planning & Procurement Training  (pdf 469 kb)
April 9-12 (Bellingham)  La Quinta Inn & Suites  1063 W. Bakerview Rd, Bellingham WA 98226
Classes include:  Introduction to Planning; Procurement Planning; Procurement 101; Procurement Process-Solicitation to Contract Award; Public Involvement; Financial Planning/Fiscal Constraint; Cost Estimating; Single Audit.
For questions, contact Diann Wilson at (or call 833-484-9944), or visit:
Cost: Free

WSDOT Construction Classes  (pdf 40 kb)   Spots available in Bituminous Surface Treatment and Hot Mix Asphalt Placement in Vancouver and Yakima.
Please check the REGISTRATION FORM dropdown menu for current postings of class titles, dates and locations. Topics scheduled throughout the year include: Construction Inspection Documentation; Construction Materials Acceptance & Approval; Drainage Inspection; Excavation & Embankment Inspection; HMA Inspection; BST Inspection. Only a few spots per class are generally open to local agencies, so please only register no more than 2 per agency to give others the opportunity for a spot.

Reminder- Please Note: coffee, refreshments and meals are not authorized for LTAP and WSDOT classes. Please be prepared to provide your own.

For more information:
Contact the LTAP Training Center : 360-705-7355 :