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Local Agency Traffic Services

A crosswalk and median in Port Townsend, Washington. Traffic Services provides technical assistance for traffic engineering and ADA topics and provides federal safety funding assistance to cities, counties, and other agencies and governments. Our goal is to advance projects to improve communities in Washington State. We assist with planning, project development, design, construction, maintenance, operations, and safety issues. We serve as a contact point between agencies and governments, citizens, WSDOT, and the Federal Highway Administration. We also provide training and promote and facilitate information sharing between agencies.

Federal Safety Funding

Traffic Services allocates federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funds to cities and counties through our greater Local Programs division.

WA Transp. Professionals Forum

Traffic Services assists local agencies and their partners collectively with traffic- and transportation-related issues through the Washington Transportation Professionals Forum.

Equipment Loan Program

Local Programs loans the following equipment to local agencies. To inquire on the availability of this equipment, contact:

E-Learning Coordinator for the following items:

  • Traffic sign retroreflectometer
  • Retroreflective sign calibration panels
  • Retroreflective sign panel comparison kit

Local Agency ADA & Traffic Specialist for the following items:

  • 2 foot smart level
  • 4 foot smart level
  • Ball bank indicator
  • Radar speed gun

Traffic Engineering WA Listserv

Subscribe to this free listserv to ask and answer questions, exchange information, and build relationships with traffic and transportation engineering and operations professionals in Washington State.  

Help with Traffic Issues

Traffic Services provides individual assistance and recommendations on traffic issues and projects. Here are some examples of how we can help: