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San Juan Islands Scenic Byway


Thumbnail image of Washington State with area of Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway highlightedWashington State Scenic Byways and Road Trips:
San Juan Islands

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Washington State Scenic Byway 


  • 120 miles (includes ferry trips)
  • Includes excursions on San Juan and Orcas Islands
  • The San Juan Islands are accessible via Washington State Ferries from Anacortes (or via boat or land/sea planes)

About This Byway

Follow the historic canoe route of the Coast Salish people aboard Washington State Ferries from Anacortes to the beautiful San Juan Islands. Once there, the Islands are easily accessible by multiple modes—walking, bicycling, transit, automobile, and even by kayak. The recreational appeal of these islands is undeniable. Winding roads with light traffic beckon cyclists. Rocky coves captivate paddlers. Artistic communities, eclectic shops and water views everywhere charm everyone who visits the San Juan Islands. You'll learn the many stories the Islands have to offer through museums and historic sites such as The Whale Museum, each island's historical museum, San Juan Island National Historical Park, and other historic parks, resorts and sites.

Explore and Plan Your Trip

Plan a trip and find more information about the San Juan Islands Scenic Byway, including pictures, maps, sample itineraries and services provided on this byway.

Communities on the Byway

  • Friday Harbor
  • Roche Harbor
  • Orcas Village
  • Eastsound
  • Deer Harbor
  • West Sound
  • Olga
  • Lopez Village
  • Anacortes (Ferry Terminal)

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