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Pilot Projects

Project List

Anacortes School District 103
Mt. Erie Elementary School Project

Total Grant Amount: $112,800
Engineering: This project constructed a continuous sidewalk, separated from the street by a curb and gutter, on the north side of 41st Street and installed a crossing signal (pedestrian activated yellow flashing lights) at the mid-block crosswalk in front of the school.

Enforcement: Installed three speed displays and increased speed enforcement.

Education/Encouragement: Formed a “Walking and Biking to School” steering committee to plan and implement targeted encouragement programs to specifically teach safe walking habits, survey and monitor safe walking routes to school, change adult driver behaviors near and around the school, and encourage physical activity for children. Created a “Walking School Bus”.

Anacortes project area before project

 Anacortes project after project completed


Auburn School District
Pioneer Elementary School Project

Total Grant Amount: $143,935
Engineering: The City of Auburn constructed sidewalks, a shared use path, crosswalks and improved school zone and no parking signage.

Enforcement: A uniformed school security guard patrolled the Pioneer Elementary School walking route in the morning and afternoon as children are traveling to and from school.

Education/Encouragement: Education efforts included assemblies, walking field trips, parent education, media outreach, participation at a kids fair, and railroad safety education.




Bailey Gatzert Elementary School
Walking School Bus Project

Total Grant Amount: $125,000
Engineering: A review of safety issues along the school route was conducted. Interventions included improved signage, traffic calming and crosswalk improvements.

Enforcement: Seattle Police Department provided support in the following ways: conducted speed limit and yield to pedestrian enforcement adjacent to the school walk routes; participated in parent forums and school assemblies; assisted with safety education efforts; supported the development of printed materials; and provided special give-aways to reward good pedestrian behavior.

Education/Encouragement: The project provided a walking school bus program, school assemblies and in class curriculum on walking and biking. Addition efforts included walk days, art contests, and a pedometer program.



Bainbridge Island School District
Bainbridge Island Path

Total Grant Amount: $149,968

Engineering: This project constructed a multi-use path connecting four schools that are less than one mile apart with a new housing development, to the schools, library, and swimming pool.

Education/Encouragement: Bicycle safety education was provided. 


Bellevue School District
Sherwood Forest Elementary School Project

Total Grant Amount: $124,950

Engineering: Completed the missing link of sidewalk on the west side of 164th Avenue and upgraded all School Zone signs to meet MUTCD standards.

Education/Encouragement: Formed a Walking School Bus Program and highlighted the sidewalk completion in Bellevue’s “It’s Your City”, newspaper. 



Evergreen School District
Safe Routes to School Project

Total Grant Amount: $123,877

Engineering: Installed an overhead flashing crosswalk signal and refuge island, curb ramps and a small piece of sidewalk on SE 136th. Installed curb ramps, crosswalk pavement markings and warning signs at all crossings in the neighborhood pedestrian network. Sidewalk, fence, entrance, vegetation and way finding signage maintenance/improvements will also be provided.

Enforcement: The enforcement element will include 100 additional hours of enforcement at the schools centered on motorist speeds and yielding to pedestrians.




Napavine School District
School Walk Route Plan Project

Total Grant Amount: $106,000

Engineering: Constructed sidewalk linkages and partial completion of an pedestrian/bicycle overpass.

Enforcement: Napavine City Police, provided enforcement and patrol activities around the school zone before and after school. Adult safety patrols (crossing guards) were assigned before and after school to supervise heavily trafficked areas.

Education/Encouragement: A pedestrian, bicycle and railway safety program was conducted in grades pre-school through twelfth grade. Local police and railway safety specialists were utilized to enhance and reinforce local staff instructional programs delivered to students. The district used existing communication links to promote long term community health benefits when parents and children take advantage of the pedestrian improvements. 





Republic School District
School Sidewalk Project

Total Grant Amount: $200,000

Engineering: Installed sidewalk, and improvements to the existing shoulder, and crossing including signage and lighting




Richland School District
Badger Mountain Elementary School Project

Total Grant Amount: $66,500

Engineering: Constructed sidewalks.

Education/Encouragement: The project incorporated a safety curriculum by the Badger Mountain school teachers. It included school-wide bike rodeos and helmet fittings and encourage children to become physically active through the Great Body Shop health curriculum.