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Emergency Relief Program

When a disaster/emergency occurs, public works agencies have the responsibility to maintain service and recover in the most expedient way. This can best be accomplished by preparation, coordination and cooperation. In this section is information and instructions on procedures applicable to the Emergency Relief program on and off the federal-aid highway system.

Emergency Relief ProgramLAG Chapter 33 – provides information and instructions on procedures applicable to emergency projects fund by FHWA under the Emergency Relief (ER) Program.

Public Works Emergency Response Mutual Aid Agreement

Signatory Agencies and Contacts (pdf 64 kb) - save and print this contact list for use in an emergency.

Make the most efficient use of assets by coordinating resources with other signatory agencies and maximize funding reimbursement during disasters/emergencies.

FHWA May 31, 2013 Emergency Relief Manual (pdf 720 kb) – the manual covers procedures applicable to the FHWA. It is also a guide for FHWA, State, and local transportation agency personnel for requesting, obtaining and administering Emergency Relief Funding.