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Construction Documentation Class Handout

This page has been developed to assist local agencies with construction documentation by providing information and references. You can click on the following links to our Construction Documentation Guide by chapter. This material was updated for our upcoming 2012 training classes.

Currently offered construction training from WSDOT

Construction Documentation Guide for Local Agencies

Part 1 Construction Documentation Training Manual (pdf 572kb)
Part one of the manual covers general information about the Documentation program and is a general overview of the class by the same name.

Part 2, Precontract/Preconstruction Activities (pdf 171kb)
This section describes the bid proposal package, shows a sample project advertisement, and outlines the process for award and execution of a construction contract.

Part 3, EEO, DBE, Training and Reporting (pdf 1.4Mb)
This portion of the manual is an overview of the three different programs developed to insure fair employment and contracting practices. Reporting requirements for each program are discussed and examples of the forms used are included.

Part 4 Preconstruction (pdf 162kb)
In this section sample Preconstruction Conference agenda and minutes are discussed. The Commitment File and what should be included in it as well as what paperwork an agency should expect (and sometimes demand) to see before the work begins.

Part 5 Construction Activities (pdf 3.2Mb)
This part of the manual covers construction activities starting with filing systems, and continuing on with the Inspectors Daily Report, Working Days, Wage issues, Change Orders, Project Payments and Traffic Control.

Part 6 Post Construction (pdf 604kb) 
The closing activities for federal aid projects are discussed in this section of the manual. Along with Chapter 53 of the LAG Manual users learn what documents and activities need to be completed and on file to finalize a project.

Part 7 Project Management Review (pdf 576kb) 
Project management reviews are performed through WSDOT's Highways and Local Programs office once every three years for all agencies that have Certification Acceptance status in Washington state. This section of the manual talks about the review process and the items reviewers will check. 

Construction Documentation Guide (pdf 5069kb)
This is the entire manual Chapters 1-7 formatted for reproduction for upcoming 2012 Construction Documentation Classes