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Active Transportation Programs

Active Transportation is about giving people safe options for getting from one place to another using "active" modes such as walking and bicycling.  

The Active Transportation Programs Section provides technical services and funding assistance to public agencies in support of active transportation for health, safety and economic development. The unit works to focus state and federal funding from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Program and the Safe Routes to School Program towards projects in areas of the state with the highest need and potential for success.  

Technical Services

Technical services are intended to provide guidance and tools to public agencies to help plan, develop and implement successful projects.  Available project development services include:

  • Community assessment field reviews to identify bicycle and pedestrian safety and mobility improvement options
  • Support local agencies in bicycle and pedestrian safety and mobility planning
  • Provide pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure best practice information
  • Support local agencies with bicycle and pedestrian data review and analysis


Other Resources

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Active Transportation Programs Manager:
Charlotte Claybrooke - - 360-705-7302