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Rapid Flashing Beacon (RFB) Details & Pedestrian Crossing Details (IS-22 & IS-23)

Note: Include the appropriate details from this page as part of the Contract Plans when an RFB system is included in a Contract.

These plans provide placement guidance and construction details for RFB system equipment.  Details show both Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) and Circular Rapid Flashing Beacon (CRFB) configurations.

Guidance for the installation of these types of crossings is described in the following policy document Guidance - Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossings (pdf, 269kb)

Construction Details
Equipment types and layouts are shown in the updated IS-22, IS-23, and IS-13B details below. The following contract specifications, RFB Contract Provisions (pdf, 54kb), should be included in any contract to ensure that the RFB system supports the required flash patterns: 

Note that for RFB systems installed on State Highways, WSDOT requires that the beacons be installed above the sign assembly. 

IS-22 RFB Details
View Plan Sheet (pdf, 108 kb)
Download WinZip File (zip, 413 kb)
(WinZip File contains the following file formats: .dgn, .dwg files

IS-23 Pedestrian Crossing Details
View Plan Sheet (pdf, 266 kb)
Download WinZip File (zip, 1.1 mb)
(WinZip File contains the following file formats: .dgn, .dwg files

For Overhead Installations, (IS-23, Sheet 12 of 12), inclusion of Plan Sheet Library (PSL) Detail IS-13B in the Contract Documents is Required.

For questions, please contact one of the following individuals as appropriate:
- Guidance: Sarah Ott
- Sign Placement (IS-23): Rick Mowlds
- RFB Equipment or Installations (IS-13B or IS-22): Flint Jackson