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Rapid Flashing Beacon (RFB) Details & Pedestrian Crossing Details (IS-22 & IS-23)

Note: Include the appropriate details from this page as part of the Contract Plans when an RFB system is included in a Contract.

These plans provide placement guidance and construction details for RFB system equipment.

Guidance for the installation of these types of crossings is described in the following policy document Guidance - Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossings (pdf, 269kb)

Construction Details
Equipment types and layouts are shown in the updated IS-22, IS-23, and IS-13B details below. The following contract specifications, RFB Contract Provisions (pdf, 54kb), should be included in any contract to ensure that the RFB system supports the required flash patterns: 

Note that for RFB systems installed on State Highways, WSDOT requires that the beacons be installed above the sign assembly. 

IS-22 RFB Details
View Plan Sheet (pdf, 108 kb)
Download WinZip File (zip, 413 kb)
(WinZip File contains the following file formats: .dgn, .dwg files

IS-23 Pedestrian Crossing Details
View Plan Sheet (pdf, 266 kb)
Download WinZip File (zip, 1.1 mb)
(WinZip File contains the following file formats: .dgn, .dwg files

For Overhead Installations, (IS-23, Sheet 12 of 12), inclusion of Plan Sheet Library (PSL) Detail IS-13B in the Contract Documents is Required.

For questions, please contact one of the following individuals as appropriate:
- Guidance: Sarah Ott
- Sign Placement (IS-23): Rick Mowlds
- RFB Equipment or Installations (IS-13B or IS-22): Flint Jackson