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General Technotes 

CAE Quick Reference Guide
(2012-09-25, pdf 118KB)
Creating and Managing Standard WSDOT CAE Project
(2014-01-14, pdf 109KB)
EEDS Manual FAQ (2013-11-07, pdf 28KB)
Glossary of CAE Terms (2013-10-29 pdf 66KB)

InRoads Technotes

Getting Started 

Lock Files (2014-04-08, pdf 103KB)
Updating a WSDOT Project Specific XIN
(2013-10-30, pdf 110KB)

Data Import/Export
Archiving CAiCE for InRoads (2013-10-30, pdf 73KB)
CAiCE Geometry (LandXML) Transfer (2013-11-05, pdf 83KB)
Converting CAiCE data to InRoads (2014-04-09, pdf 108KB)
Converting V8i data back to InRoads XM (2013-10-30, pdf 44KB) 
Geometry to ASCII (2013-10-29, pdf 119KB)
Geometry to LandXML (2014-04-09, pdf 70KB)
Horiz and Vert Geometry to Trimble DC (2010-10-13, pdf 73KB)
Importing Legacy Photogrammetry (2013-10-30, pdf 94KB)
InRoads Data to IHSDM (2013-11-12, pdf 82KB)
Surface to LandXML (2014-04-14, pdf 55KB)
Surface to SurvCE Custom Cross Section File
(2013-10-30, pdf 145KB)
Surface to Trimble Custom Cross Section File
(2013-10-30, pdf 203KB)
Surface to Trimble TIN
(2010-10-13, pdf 58KB)


Feature Styles (2013-10-29, pdf 55KB) 
Generating Detention Ponds (2013-10-29, pdf 59KB) 
Generating Ponds Using Templates (2013-10-30, pdf 470KB)
Preparing a Surface for Staking (2013-10-29, pdf 76KB)
Staking Report (2013-10-31, pdf 99KB)
Updating Surface Feature Styles (2013-10-30, pdf 119KB)


Create/Edit Alignment by Cogo Points (2013-10-30, pdf 100KB)
Creating Vertical Alignments from Cogo Points
(2013-10-31, pdf 86KB)
Updating Geometry Styles (2013-10-30, pdf 98KB)


Creating a Roadway Profile (2013-10-30, pdf 63MB)
Cross Section Planimetrics (2013-10-29, pdf 86KB)
Printing Cross-Sections 
(2013-10-29, pdf 145KB)
Cross-Section Gradebook (2014-01-14, pdf 182KB)

Roadway Design

Component Display Settings (2013-10-30, pdf 216KB)
End Condition Transitions (2013-10-29, pdf 112KB)
Feature Name Overrides  (2013-10-29, pdf 169KB) 
Manual Superelevation Entry (2013-10-29, pdf 122KB) 
Sawcut and Widening by Surface Method (2013-10-30, pdf 216KB) 
Sawcut and Widen by Template Method
(2013-10-30, pdf 191KB)
Wall Templates (2013-10-29, pdf 103KB)


Horizontal Annotation Preferences (2013-11-05, pdf 85KB)

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MicroStation TechNotes

Getting Started 

Text Conversion to Current Standards (2010-11-04, pdf 113KB)
The WSDOT Menu (2010-09-02, pdf 104KB)
Updating MicroStation Data to Current WSDOT Standards
(2010-09-02, pdf 119KB)
WSDOT Custom Utilities (2012-05-11, pdf 53KB)


Function Key Commands (2010-09-02, pdf 62KB)
Measuring in 3D (2010-11-04, pdf 120KB)
Special Text Characters (2010-09-02, pdf 74KB)
Word Wrap (2010-09-02, pdf 65KB)


AccuSnap (2013-07-30, pdf 183KB)
Addendum Clouds (2010-09-02, pdf 114KB)
Construct Centerline (2010-09-02, pdf 123KB)
Creating Custom Tasks (2013-02-07, pdf 902KB)
Custom Tools (2011-12-20, pdf 325KB)
Place Yield Lines (2010-09-02, pdf 95KB)


3D Clash Detection (2013-11-14, pdf 422KB)
Adjusting Reference Colors (2010-09-02, pdf 65KB)
Advanced Drag and Drop (2010-09-02, pdf 44KB)
Coincident Referencing (2010-09-02, pdf 100KB)
Converting Orthophotographs to Project Datum (2011-06-09, pdf 345KB)
Custom User Resources (2012-01-03, pdf 158KB)
Entering Bearings in Accudraw (2010-09-02, pdf 45KB)
Nested Sheet References at WSDOT? (2010-09-02, pdf 129KB)
Optimizing References in the WSDOT Environment (2010-09-02, pdf 291KB)
WSDOT Sheet Batch Printing (2010-09-02, pdf 243KB)

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Survey Technotes

Getting Started

The latest field code reports are also available on computers with CAE resources at: C:\Users\Public\CAE\Standards\WSDOT\Survey.

Field Code List - by Code
(2013-08-05, pdf 57KB)
Field Code List - by Level (2013-08-05, pdf 57KB)

Data Import/Export

SurvCE - Export to WSDOT ASCII Survey File (2013-10-31, pdf 126KB)
SurvCE - Importing LandXML Cogo Points (2010-11-01, pdf 82KB)
SurvCE - Importing LandXML Horizontal Alignments
(2010-10-13, pdf 79KB)
SurvCE - Importing LandXML to TIN File (2010-10-13, pdf 131KB)
SurvCE - Importing LandXML Vertical Alignments (2010-10-13, pdf 79KB)
SurvCE - Importing Station-Base Cross Sections into SurvCE
(2010-09-02, pdf 180KB)
TopSurv Export to WSDOT ASCII Survey File
(2013-10-31, pdf 144KB)
Trimble - Generating a TGO Road Definition from InRoads
(2013-10-31, pdf 217KB)

Data Collector

SurvCE - Hot keys (2010-10-13, pdf 62KB)
SurvCE - Manually Entering an Alignment (2010-10-13, pdf 656KB)


Renaming InRoads Fieldbook Points (2013-10-31, pdf 218KB)

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