Traveler Information API
CVRestrictionData Class Reference

Public Attributes

string StateRouteID
string State
int RestrictionWidthInInches
int RestrictionHeightInInches
int RestrictionLengthInInches
int RestrictionWeightInPounds
bool IsDetourAvailable
bool IsPermanentRestriction
bool IsExceptionsAllowed
bool IsWarning
DateTime DatePosted
DateTime DateEffective
DateTime DateExpires
string LocationName
string LocationDescription
string RestrictionComment
double Latitude
double Longitude
string BridgeNumber
int MaximumGrossVehicleWeightInPounds
string BridgeName
int BLMaxAxle
int CL8MaxAxle
int SAMaxAxle
int TDMaxAxle
string VehicleType
CommercialVehicleRestrictionType RestrictionType


RoadwayLocation StartRoadwayLocation [get, set]
RoadwayLocation EndRoadwayLocation [get, set]

Detailed Description

Represents a Commercial Vehicle Restriction

Member Data Documentation

int CVRestrictionData.BLMaxAxle
string CVRestrictionData.BridgeName
string CVRestrictionData.BridgeNumber

WSDOT Idenfier for bridge

int CVRestrictionData.CL8MaxAxle
DateTime CVRestrictionData.DateEffective

Date when the restriction comes into effect

DateTime CVRestrictionData.DateExpires

Date when the restriction is no longer in force

DateTime CVRestrictionData.DatePosted

Date when the restriction was first posted

bool CVRestrictionData.IsDetourAvailable

Indicates if a detour is available

bool CVRestrictionData.IsExceptionsAllowed
bool CVRestrictionData.IsPermanentRestriction

Indicates whether the restriction is permanent

bool CVRestrictionData.IsWarning
double CVRestrictionData.Latitude

Latitude of location of bridge

string CVRestrictionData.LocationDescription

Description of the location

string CVRestrictionData.LocationName

Name of the location

double CVRestrictionData.Longitude

Longitude of location of bridge

int CVRestrictionData.MaximumGrossVehicleWeightInPounds
string CVRestrictionData.RestrictionComment

More details concerning the restriction

int CVRestrictionData.RestrictionHeightInInches

The maximum height for a load in inches

int CVRestrictionData.RestrictionLengthInInches

The maximum length for a load in inches

CommercialVehicleRestrictionType CVRestrictionData.RestrictionType

The type of restriction, bridge or road

int CVRestrictionData.RestrictionWeightInPounds

The maximum weight for a load in pounds

int CVRestrictionData.RestrictionWidthInInches

The maximum width for a load in inches

int CVRestrictionData.SAMaxAxle
string CVRestrictionData.State

State where restriction is located

string CVRestrictionData.StateRouteID

State route restriction is located on

int CVRestrictionData.TDMaxAxle
string CVRestrictionData.VehicleType

Property Documentation

RoadwayLocation CVRestrictionData.EndRoadwayLocation

End location for the alert on the roadway

RoadwayLocation CVRestrictionData.StartRoadwayLocation

Start location for the alert on the roadway