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How to use the COVID-19 Multimodal Transportation System Performance Dashboard

As of July 31, 2022, we are no longer updating the COVID-19 dashboard but will keep it available for the time being as an archive for travel information and data collected during the pandemic.

How to use this dashboard:

  • About the COVID-19 Multimodal Transportation System Performance Dashboard
  • Performance summary page
  • Detailed individual system pages
  • Navigation
  • Downloading data
  • Sharing the dashboard
  • Accessing full screen mode
  • About the COVID-19 Multimodal Transportation System Performance Dashboard

    WSDOT developed its COVID-19 Multimodal Transportation System Performance Dashboard to keep Washington citizens informed about the impacts pandemic-related closures are having on multimodal transportation statewide. This detailed analysis provides daily updates on where these changes are most pronounced and provides an accurate look at exactly how, when and where certain measures (e.g. Stay Home – Stay Healthy) affected transportation statewide.

    Performance summary page

    This page provides summaries on five key transportation performance modes (State Highways, Toll Facilities, Ferries, Transit and Passenger Rail), including the latest data compared to the 2019 baseline through sparklines and tables. It also includes links to additional data and information on these modes as well as on other performance measures on topics ranging from Freight, Active Transportation and Aviation to Safety and Counties Data.

    The summary sections are divided into:

    ① Modes being analyzed
    ② Percentage change (based on the most recent available data) compared to the 2019 baseline
    ③ Statewide trend over time shown in a sparkline format
    ④ Drop-down menu filter to select different items (e.g. counties and highways)
    ⑤ Day-to-day data in table format, showing percentage change over time and for the most recent day
    Performance summary image
    Detailed individual system pages
    Performance summary indiviual module image

    Detailed individual system pages

    ① Buttons access pages that break down the data into different formats
    ② Drop-down menus provide filter options to select different items (e.g. counties and highways) and a date bar allows the user to select specific days
    ③ Maps show where the impacts are occurring and provide a view of how things are changing on a larger scale
    ④ Daily updates show the latest changes for certain modes, counties, highways and routes versus the baseline
    ⑤ Sparklines and other visual information (such as charts and graphs) make the data easier to follow, showing drops and increases in an a way that is easy to follow and understand
    ⑥ Dashboard tools provide copying, full-page and download options
    individual module page image
    ① Undo, redo and reset the dashboard
    ② View a direct link to the dashboard above, and code that can be used to embed the dashboard in your webpage
    ③ Download and share the page as an image, PDF, etc
    ④ Enter full-screen mode
    Hover over table image

    Top of page

    This dashboard uses three navigation menus:

    ① This option allows quick navigation to previously visited pages
    Breadcrumb navigation image
    ② This option lets the user navigate between individual mode pages
    Hamburger menu navigation before image
    After clicking menu
    Hamburger menu navigation after click image
    ③ These options navigate directly back to the summary page and between the prior and next mode pages
    Bottom menu navigation image

    Top of page

    Downloading data

    ① To select all data in the table hover the pointer here and click
    ② To select partial data, either click on a column (to highlight the entire column) or select a section of the table and highlight that
    ③ To select the entire chart, hover the pointer here and click
    ④ To select a row, click on that row
    ⑤ Download 1-4 into formats ranging image and data to PDFs by selecting the download icon. (Note: Downloading this data works best in Google Chrome)
    Hover over table image Highlight section image Hover over table image Highlight section image Download button image

    After clicking on ⑤, the following options will pop up:

    A) PNG image
    B) Data that includes the backend data from a chart or table
    C) Crosstab data (in a csv file readable in Microsoft Excel) of a chart of table
    D) PDF image
    E) Image on PowerPoint
    F) Tableau Workbook
    Downloand popup image

    Sharing the dashboard

    ① Select the sharing icon
    ② Copy and paste “Embed Code” to embed the chart in a website, or use “Link” to share the information via email
    Share button image Share pop up image

    Accessing full screen mode

    ① Select the full-screen icon to expand the dashboard to the entire screen. Exit full-screen mode by selecting the icon again, or by hitting the ESC key on the keyboard
    Presenatation mode button image

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