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CVRestrictionData Class Reference

Represents a Commercial Vehicle Restriction. More...

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Public Attributes

string StateRouteID
string State
int RestrictionWidthInInches
int RestrictionHeightInInches
int RestrictionLengthInInches
int RestrictionWeightInPounds
bool IsDetourAvailable
bool IsPermanentRestriction
bool IsExceptionsAllowed
bool IsWarning
DateTime DatePosted
DateTime DateEffective
DateTime DateExpires
string LocationName
string LocationDescription
string RestrictionComment
double Latitude
double Longitude
string BridgeNumber
int MaximumGrossVehicleWeightInPounds
string BridgeName
int BLMaxAxle
int CL8MaxAxle
int SAMaxAxle
int TDMaxAxle
string VehicleType
CommercialVehicleRestrictionType RestrictionType


RoadwayLocation StartRoadwayLocation [get, set]
RoadwayLocation EndRoadwayLocation [get, set]

Detailed Description

Represents a Commercial Vehicle Restriction.

Member Data Documentation

CommercialVehicleRestrictionType CVRestrictionData.RestrictionType

Property Documentation

End location for the alert on the roadway

Start location for the alert on the roadway