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Alert Class Reference

A Highway Alert. More...

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int AlertID [get, set]
RoadwayLocation StartRoadwayLocation [get, set]
RoadwayLocation EndRoadwayLocation [get, set]
string Region [get, set]
string County [get, set]
DateTime StartTime [get, set]
DateTime EndTime [get, set]
string EventCategory [get, set]
string HeadlineDescription [get, set]
string ExtendedDescription [get, set]
string EventStatus [get, set]
DateTime LastUpdatedTime [get, set]
string Priority [get, set]

Detailed Description

A Highway Alert.

Property Documentation

int Alert.AlertID [get, set]

Unique Identifier for the alert

string Alert.County [get, set]

County where alert is located

End location for the alert on the roadway

DateTime Alert.EndTime [get, set]

Estimated end time for alert

string Alert.EventCategory [get, set]

Categorization of alert, i.e. Collision, maintenance, etc.

string Alert.EventStatus [get, set]

Current status of alert, open, closed

string Alert.ExtendedDescription [get, set]

Optional - Additional information about the alert, used for relaying useful extra information for an alert

string Alert.HeadlineDescription [get, set]

Information about what the alert has been issued for

DateTime Alert.LastUpdatedTime [get, set]

When was alert was last changed

string Alert.Priority [get, set]

Expected impact on traffic, highest, high, medium, low

string Alert.Region [get, set]

WSDOT Region which entered the alert

Start location for the alert on the roadway

DateTime Alert.StartTime [get, set]

When the impact on traffic began