Tribal Liaison

Canoes and ferry on the water
Tribal canoes share the ancient water highways with a WSDOT Ferry.

The Tribal Liaison focuses on government-to-government relations, communication, and education to help the tribes and the agency work effectively with each other. We are available to work on all issue areas across the agency.

Upcoming Events

2016 Tribal State Transportation Conference




Governor's Office of Indian Affairs
The Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, recognizing the importance of sovereignty, affirms the government-to-government relationship and principles identified in the Centennial Accord to promote and enhance tribal self-sufficiency and serves to assist the state in developing policies consistent with those principles.

Northwest Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP)
TTAP is a program funded by Cooperative Agreements with the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) to assist tribes in developing transportation resources, infrastructure, and development opportunities for Northwest Tribes.