Know Before You Go

Follow these steps to get Hood Canal Bridge closure alerts on your WSDOT app.

Beginning on Wednesday, April 7 how you receive text notifications from WSDOT will change, but you can continue receiving the exact same information.

Know before you go. Know on the go. Have a backup plan. 

While we can’t promise a congestion-free commute, we will deliver information to help drivers make smart commute choices about getting around during construction. 

Washington state transportation themed templates.

Collection of our seasonal and themed Twitter avatars/

We are using Twitter to help keep you informed about happenings around Washington state. We provide information for you to make good travel decisions before you get into your vehicle and to "Know Before You Go".
Stay up to date with the WSDOT App! Just type in the term "WSDOT" in Google play or the App Store to download the WSDOT application to get this same great information on your phone.
How we make every effort to make sure you are always informed as to what is happening on highways across the state.