Clallam, Jefferson & Grays Harbor construction and travel updates

All scheduled work is subject to available crews and weather conditions. 

If a highway is not listed below, there are no scheduled lane closures at this time, although emergency lane closures may still occur.

Last updated: Friday, Sept. 18, 2020.

Clallam County

US 101 - Elwha River Bridge
US 101 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 238.7 to 239.5
Contact: JoAnn Schueler, 360-357-2798
Description: WSDOT will replace the 1926, 388-foot concrete arch bridge over the Elwha River after successfully serving the community for more than 90 years in Clallam County. The new bridge will be 40 feet wide and sport two 12-foot lanes and two-8 foot shoulders. Additionally, improvements will be made to the US 101/Hot Springs Road intersection alignment including added illumination and turn lanes. View our latest video spotlighting the proposed new crossing. Travelers are encouraged to stay informed with bridge inspections or construction announcements.

For more information about upcoming construction and the status of the project, please visit or call WSDOT's toll free information hotline: 1-888-633-4005 (this phone does not accept messages).

US 101 - Bagley Creek and Siebert Creek - Remove Fish Barriers Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 253 to 257.3
Contact: Dan McKernan, 360-565-0623
Description: Crews will remove and replace outdated culverts beneath US 101 between Port Angeles and Sequim at Bagley and Siebert Creeks. Crews aim to remove five existing culverts; two that run underneath both directions of the US 101 at Bagley and Siebert Creeks, two along James Page Road and one along South Bagley Creek Road as part of WSDOT’s efforts to improve fish migration impeded by state highways. The work shifts the two westbound lanes to the existing eastbound lanes, so there is one lane of travel in each direction, to allow the construction of a new bridge over both creeks. Once this is complete, all traffic will switch to the westbound lanes to allow completion of the bridge in the eastbound lanes over Bagley Creek.
Work Schedule: 

  • Weekday, daytime construction through fall of 2021. Any road closures will be announced in advance.
  • Drivers will encounter reduced speeds and shifted lanes in both directions around-the-clock through project completion.
  • The speed limit is temporarily reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph through project completion. 

US 101/Morse Creek - Safety Improvements
Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 252 to 253
Contact: Dan McKernan, 360-565-0623
Description: US 101 just west of Deer Park Loop near Morse Creek in Port Angeles has a history of cross-over style collisions along the highway. Through a statewide safety analysis and incorporating essential feedback from local stakeholders, this project will construct a raised, landscaped median and targeted speed reduction in an effort to reduce the severity and frequency of collisions. Additionally, the travel lanes will be reduced from 12-feet to 11-feet as a proven traffic calming measure to reduce travel speeds through the corridor. During construction, drivers will encounter single lane or shoulder closures during daytime hours mostly.
Work Schedule:  A contract for competitive bids is anticipated to be available fall of 2020. Construction should begin spring of 2021.


Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 269
Contact: Connie Rae, 360-565-0680
Description: Overnight single lane closure with flaggers as crews remove rumble strips and install a westbound left-turn lane. 
Work Schedule: 8 p.m. Tuesday through Wednesday, Sept. 15-16, through 6 a.m. the following morning. 

Highway: SR 112 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 15.9
Contact: Connie Rae, 360-565-0680
Description: Single lane closure with flaggers for pavement repairs.
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21. 

Highway: SR 112 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 24.6
Contact: Connie Rae, 360-565-0680
Description: Single lane closure with flaggers for pavement repairs.
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Highway: SR 113 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 0.2
Contact: Connie Rae, 360-565-0680
Description: Single lane closure with flaggers for pavement repairs.
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23. 

Highway: SR 113 Region: Olympic County: Clallam Location: Milepost(s) 2 to 9.8
Contact: David Evans, 360-570-6746
Description: Single lane closure as needed to allow utility crew for Clallam County PUD to conduct routine vegetation management near their power lines. 
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each weekday through Monday, Nov. 2. 

Grays Harbor County

US 101 - SR 109 Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Clallam Counties - Remove Fish Barriers
Highway: US 101, SR 109 Region: Olympic Counties: Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Clallam Location: Milepost(s) Multiple
Contact: Ricky Bhalla, 360-357-2615
Description: This extensive, multi-year fish passage project includes 29-identified streams and culverts that cross under US 101 and State Route 109 in Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Clallam Counties needing correction. Currently, these culverts do not allow fish to cross underneath the highways to access habitat.  WSDOT will work with a Design-Build Contractor to identify efficiencies and delivery methods that will accomplish the overall project objectives with the least amount of impacts to travelers.  The contractor may elect to bundle multiple fish barriers each year in order to meet the project deadline of fall 2026. Any highway closures will be announced in advance.
Work Schedule: Work will occur in phases. Once a Design-Build contractor is selected, an approved work schedule will be made available.

US 101/S of Cosmopolis - Stabilize Slope
Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 78.6
Contact: Karen Boone, 360-538-8500
Description: One-way alternating traffic is in place following several feet of recent roadway settlement along US 101 just south of Cosmopolis. WSDOT will continue to monitor the roadway for further settlement issues. Loads are restricted to no wider than 14 feet to provide clearance. A contract to repair the roadway following widespread damages throughout Washington due to natural disaster is currently underway. A timeline for permanent repairs has not been shared yet. This is the second, latest slide discovered along US 101 at Cosi Hill.

Work Schedule:  Around-the-clock until further notice.

SR 107 - Chehalis River Bridge - Structural Rehabilitation and Bridge Painting 
US 12 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 6.9
Contact: Karen Boone, 360-538-8500
Description: This project replaces damaged and deteriorating timber on the south approach of the 1958 SR 107 Chehalis River Bridge in Montesano. Crews will install modern safety rails and paint the entire steel surface to protect against corrosion. A rehabilitated SR 107 Chehalis River Bridge will reduce maintenance costs and bring the south end of the bridge approach up to current standards. The project is scheduled to wrap up spring of 2021.

First of three total highway weekend closures announced:

  • From 6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25 through 6 a.m. Monday, Sept. 28, the SR 107 Chehalis River Bridge will completely close to all travelers to allow crews to switch traffic onto the newly constructed bridge half, reconfigure concrete barrier and make signal adjustments. The nature of this work requires traffic to be completely off the roadway away from heavy machinery. Emergency response vehicles which will not be able to pass through the construction zone. Travelers will be detoured via US 101 through Cosmopolis – a roughly 10 mile detour.

Around the clock:

  • The speed limit has been reduced from 40 mph to 25 mph between milepost 6.9 and 7.1.
  • No oversized loads on the bridge with a width restriction of 9 feet maximum.  

US 101 - 5th St to S H St Paving and ADA Compliance
US 101 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 87.5 to 91.5
Contact: Karen Boone, 360-538-8500
Description: Travelers can expect weekday, daytime shoulder closures as crews reconstruct sidewalks and repave a nearly four-mile stretch of US 101 between Aberdeen and Hoquiam. Pavement repairs will be done at night when traffic volumes are lower. When paving occurs, drivers should expect single lane closures through the work zone. In addition, crews will replace worn expansion joints on the US 101 Hoquiam River Simpson Avenue Bridge. Due to COVID-19 limitations on construction earlier this year, final paving will be completed in 2021.
Work Schedule: 

8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21 through Friday, Sept. 25 until 8 a.m. the following day:

  • Eastbound US 101 will be reduced to a single lane with flaggers from the intersection of 5th Street/SR 109 to the intersection of South H Street/US 101

Portable message signs placed near this location advise travelers to consider alternate routes.

Upcoming US 101 Simpson Avenue Bridge closure:

  • From 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24 through 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 25, the US 101 Simpson Avenue Bridge will close to all travelers for expansion joint repairs. Drivers will follow a signed detour using the US 101 Hoquiam River Riverside Bridge (temporarily signed as a two-way bridge) during repairs.

SR 105 Spur/I/S of Ocean Ave and Montesano St-Intersection Improvements Highway: SR 105 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 
Contact: Karen Boone, 360-538-8500
Description: Westport travelers will soon see changes to the intersection of South Montesano Street, West Ocean Avenue and SR 105 Spur. The intersection will become an all-way stop. The aging traffic signal will be turned to a flashing red for all directions of traffic. Crews will install temporary stop signs to emphasis the new stop condition
Work Schedule: As early as the morning of Tuesday, June 23.

US 101 - Hoquiam River - Riverside Bridge - Bridge Painting​
Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 87.3 to 87.5
Contact: Karen Boone, 360-538-8500
Description: The 465-foot, US 101 Hoquiam River Riverside Bridge in Grays Harbor County was built in 1970 and is in need of a new protective surface. Bridge painting preserves the overall integrity of the structure and is more cost-effective than replacement. In addition, cleaning and repainting the bridge prevents flaking paint and rusting metal from falling into the Hoquiam River.

This project will require crews to build a containment system around the bridge to help protect the environment.  Workers will then clean, strip and remove rust, and ultimately repaint the entire bridge. This project will have no impacts to boating traffic and single lane of traffic will be maintained around the clock through project completion. While awaiting final U.S. Coast Guard approval, the project is anticipated to occur in summer of 2021 with minor impacts to travelers.

Work Schedule:  A contract for competitive bids is tentatively scheduled to be available winter of 2020. Construction is expected to occur summer of 2021.

SR 105 City of Aberdeen/Grays Harbor College Neighborhood Connection Project​ Highway: SR 105 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 47.6 to 48.2
Contact: City of Aberdeen Public Works City Engineer, 360-537-3218
Description: The Grays Harbor College Neighborhood Connection Project will bring improvements to South Aberdeen in the form of ADA compliant sidewalk and bike lanes along the east side of Boone Street, plus a new crosswalk of Boone Street at Edward P. Smith Drive and a short extension of sidewalk along the west side of the street from Edward P. Smith Drive to the nearby apartments.
Work Schedule: Around-the-clock construction through late fall 2020.


Highway: SR 8 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 8.3
Contact: David Evans, 360-570-6746
Description: Drivers can expect delays of up to 20 minutes during overnight hours as utility crew for Grays Harbor PUD replace aerial power lines across the highway. 
Work Schedule: 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 18 through 5 a.m. Saturday. 

Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 72
Contact: Brent Schiller, 360-538-8532
Description: Single lane closure with flaggers for pavement repairs. 
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, Sept. 21-25.

Highway: SR 105 Region: Olympic County: Grays Harbor Location: Milepost(s) 25.7 to 31
Contact: David Evans, 360-570-6746
Description: Single lane closure with flaggers as utility crews for Grays Harbor PUD trim hanging limbs near their power lines.
Work Schedule: 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. each weekday through Friday, Oct. 30.

Jefferson County

US 101 - West Jefferson County - Remove Fish Barriers
Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Jefferson Location: Milepost(s) Multiple locations between 146.7 and 162.6
Contact: Karen Boone, 360-538-8500
Description: Crews are replacing three outdated, damaged culverts that run under US 101 at Steamboat Creek, Harlow Creek and Fisher Creek between Queets and Kalaloch. The damaged culverts will be replaced with concrete girder bridges and are expected to open up nearly nine miles of potential fish habitat for salmon and resident fish. Work is expected to wrap up at all three sites fall of 2021.
Work Schedule: A 25 mph speed limit reduction is in place around the clock while work continues. Drivers will encounter one-way alternating traffic with a traffic signal at each culvert site. Any roadway closures will be announced in advance. View project web page.

US 101 - Unnamed Tributary to Lower Hoh - Remove Fish Barrier
Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Jefferson Location: Milepost(s) 175.42 to 175.5
Contact: Dan McKernan, 360-565-0620
Description: Crews have successfully corrected a fish barrier under US 101 from an unnamed tributary to Hoh River just south of Forks. The temporary signal has been removed and travelers may encounter intermittent one-way alternating traffic with flaggers through late September as crews wrap up minor task items.
Work Schedule: All work affecting the highway is now complete. Crews will install railing off state right of way near the new culvert on Monday, Sept. 21 and Tuesday, Sept. 22 during daytime hours. After that, the project will reach physical completion. 

SR 104 - Paradise Bay- Shine Road - Intersection Safety Improvement Project
Highway: SR 104 Region: Olympic County: Jefferson Location: Milepost(s)  13.74 to 13.78
Contact: Joseph Perez, 360-357-2798
Description: The intersection of SR 104 and Paradise Bay/Shine Roads in Jefferson County just west of the SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge has a history of serious injury-collisions for the nearly 17,000 travelers that frequent this stretch of highway each day. WSDOT has plans to address these intersections to improve traveler safety and mobility along the corridor by installing modern roundabouts at the intersections of SR 104/Paradise Bay-Shine Road and SR 104/Beaver Valley Road (SR 19). View a video of the proposed safety improvements. Work Schedule: View project webpage for answers to common questions and continued project updates.

SR 116 - Kilisut Harbor - Remove Fish Barrier 
Highway: SR 116 Region: Olympic County: Jefferson Location: Milepost(s) 4.7
Contact: Dan McKernan, 360-565-0620
Description:  Cascade Bridge LLC crews working for WSDOT are building a 440-foot, two-lane concrete girder bridge spanning Kilisut Harbor on Marrowstone Island for improved fish passage. The goal of this project, spearheaded by the North Olympic Salmon Coalition (NOSC) and funded by its partners, is to restore historic tidal channels and fish runs between southern Kilisut Harbor and Oak Bay in Jefferson County by creating approximately 2,300 acres of productive habitat in Puget Sound. Project web page. 
Work Schedule: One-way alternating traffic with a temporary signal after crews switched traffic onto the new bridge through fall of 2020.


Highway: SR 20 Region: Olympic County: Jefferson Location: Milepost(s) 4.5
Contact: David Evans, 360-570-6746
Description: Shoulder closure in both directions as Jefferson County PUD crews install a water main along state right of way.
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. each weekday beginning Tuesday, Sept. 22 through Tuesday, Sept. 29.

Highway: US 101 Region: Olympic County: Jefferson Location: Milepost(s) 159
Contact: Connie Rae, 360-565-0680
Description: One-way alternating traffic with flaggers for pavement repairs. 
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24. 

Highway: SR 104 Region: Olympic County: Kitsap Location: Milepost(s) 14.7
Contact: Duke Stryker, 360-874-3050
Description: Night work that required a four-hour continuous closure of the SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge is postponed due to weather. The work had scheduled to occur from 10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17 to 2 a.m. Friday, Sept. 18. The bridge will remain open to travelers during those times, subject to typical marine openings.
Work Schedule: WSDOT will announce when the work is rescheduled.

Highway: SR 116 Region: Olympic County: Jefferson Location: Milepost(s) 7.1
Contact: David Evans, 360-570-6746
Description: Single lane closure for utility work. 
Work Schedule: 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30 through Friday, Oct. 2.