Traveling with your bike in Washington State

Washington State Ferries

WSDOT welcomes cyclists to the Washington State Ferries. The ferries are heavily used by recreational cyclists and commuters throughout the year and especially in the summer months.

Amtrak Cascades Rail

Amtrak's Cascades service connects stations between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia. There are racks for six standard bicycles in the baggage section of each train.  Reservations are required. Other bikes must be boxed. 

Bikes and transit

Bus with a bike on the front

Combining transit service and a bike gives you more flexibility, keeps you out of congestion, and expands your recreational bicycling opportunities. For example:

  • If you have a long, steep hill in your commute, you can bike downhill and then wimp out and take the bus home.
  • If you expect inclement weather on one leg of your bike ride, load your bike on the bus and ride when the weather improves.
  • Many bridges have less than ideal bicycle or pedestrian access. By loading your bike on the bus and crossing the bridge you have bicycle access to another area of your community.
  • When bicycle parking is available, some people use two bikes and the bus to make their trip. They keep one bike stored at each end of their bus route.

Local transit services bike support information

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