Manage Your Public Transportation Grant

WSDOT’s Public Transportation Division provides the following  documents and links to help grant administrators manage their grants and maintain good standing with the Federal Transit Administration and WSDOT. 

Note that other forms, documents and guidance are also necessary to manage grants. Examples include information in specific grant agreements, customized reporting and invoicing documents, documents provided to grantees on an as-needed basis, etc. For assistance contact your WSDOT's Public Transportation Community Liaison.

Consolidated Grants

Funding sources; 5310-Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities, 5311-Formula Grants for Rural Areas, 5339(a)-Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Formula Program, Rural Mobility Grant Program and Paratransit/Special Needs Grant Program. 

Drug and Alcohol Compliance

Find substance abuse professionals

Policy and Plan Examples


Regional Mobility Grants

Performance Measurement

If you wish to revise a previously submitted and approved performance measurement plan, please contact the WSDOT staff person listed on your grant agreement.

Commute Trip Reduction Grants

The following information is for jurisdiction staff who are managing state Commute Trip Reduction grants.

For more information contact WSDOT's Public Transportation Community Liaison for your area or Nhan Nguyen, or 360-705-6996.