2021 Human Services Transportation Plan

What is Human Services Transportation?

Human services transportation helps people with mobility challenges and other special transportation needs get to where they need to go. Some examples are buses with ramps and lifts, or transit vans that pick people up from their homes. Many people experience transportation challenges because of disability, low income age or other factors. When transportation services fail to meet their needs, they are unable to get to medical appointments, work, school, shopping and other services. These gaps in service lead to more problems—including poor health, lower wages, isolation and overall poor quality of life. 


What is the WSDOT Human Services Transportation Plan?

WSDOT engaged partners from every corner of the state to develop the Washington Statewide Human Services Transportation Plan (pdf 1.7 mb).  These partners, including regional transportation planning organizations, human service and other transportation providers, Washington tribes and the public, advanced key themes and strategies.

WSDOT is updating the plan to:

  • Identify service gaps.
  • Develop strategies to address the transportation gaps for populations with special transportation needs.
  • Further best practices and highlight emerging trends.
  • Inform the next cycle of locally coordinated human services transportation plans.


How is WSDOT developing the plan?   

WSDOT used a variety of methods and data sources to identify unmet needs and develop strategies, including:  

  • Measuring existing service levels and needs.  
  • Engaging community partners.  
  • Analyzing demographics of people who use human services transportation.  
  • Reviewing other research, reports and case studies, including 18 coordinated human services transportation plans developed by regional and metropolitan planning organizations across Washington. 


Key documents informing the upcoming statewide human services transportation plan:

More information: Matthew Kenna, matthew.kenna@wsdot.wa.gov