SR 99 Tunnel Toll Signs

Drivers who use the SR 99 tunnel will notice that the toll rates are displayed at the toll collection point, which is located at the exits of the tunnel. Drivers will pay the rate they see on the sign when they exit the tunnel. The toll rates are not displayed before the entrance of the tunnel

Why are the signs located at the end of the tunnel?

We display the toll rates at the point where tolls are collected, which happens at the tunnel exits. Toll rates for the tunnel change based on the time of day. If we posted the rates before drivers reach the toll collection point, it’s possible that drivers could see one rate displayed on the sign, but be charged a different rate by the time they drove through the tunnel. We want to avoid any confusion, and make sure drivers know exactly what they’re being charged.

What signage is posted before the tunnel alerting the drivers of the toll?

Drivers will receive plenty of notice that the tunnel is tolled before they enter it. Approximately 24 toll signs (pdf 817 kb) are located at key points on the north and south ends of the tunnel.

Why can’t you move the toll equipment to the front of the tunnel?

Due to size constraints at the tunnel entrances, both the toll equipment and the toll rate signs could not fit (remember, they have to be located closely to maintain accuracy).

Also, by the time drivers get to the tunnel entrance, they would have already decided to use the tunnel and pay the toll since they have already committed to using the tunnel. The toll collection point needs to be located after the last exit before the tunnel since drivers are only charged on SR 99 if they use the tunnel.

Why can’t you display the toll rate schedule on a different sign?

As the tolls vary based on the time of day, and by number of axles, displaying the entire schedule for every vehicle would require fitting too much information on a sign. Aside from the federal sign regulations we have to follow, drivers wouldn’t be able to read the entire sign while driving. It would be unsafe for a driver traveling at highway speeds to take their eyes off the road and focus on such a large sign.

Know before you go

The toll rates follow a set schedule, which is written into state law and published online. Toll rates are also available on the WSDOT app. While we do not want drivers to use their phones while driving, this could be an easy way to check the rates before you leave.