About the Library

The WSDOT Library and affiliate libraries at the Materials Laboratory and Washington State Ferries exist primarily to serve the information needs of agency employees and WSDOT contractors.  We welcome inquiries from the general public and will answer them as time permits.

In addition to providing information services within WSDOT, professional library staff are involved in a cooperative effort with transportation librarians nationwide to coordinate the development of a national transportation knowledge network. 

Within the agency, WSDOT librarians work with other agency staff to develop procedures which utilize controlled vocabularies to catalog electronic documents. 

The WSDOT Library holdings are included in the Washington State Library catalog .



Public Access
We are open to the general public for materials to be used in-house.  If you plan to visit, we recommend that you contact us and make an appointment. Certain materials may be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

Requests for agency records - not materials in the library collections - are referred to the Records Management Office.

In both interlibrary loaning and interlibrary borrowing transactions, the WSDOT Library will follow the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States.

Interlibrary Loans
We will honor interlibrary loan requests from other transportation libraries, federal non-profit libraries, publicly funded libraries in Washington State, and libraries in other countries on a case-by-case basis. We do NOT loan directly to individuals, this would include businesses, private firms (attorneys, counsultants), organizations, local government agencies, etc. We will lend circulating materials in the library collection. The librarian reserves the right to grant or deny any request based on her discretion.

  • Circulation Period: All loans are due 6 weeks from their shipping date. One 3-week renewal is available upon request.
  • Photocopies: We will photocopy journal articles, conference proceeding papers, sections of monographs, book chapters, etc. within copyright guidelines. We may deny large photocopying jobs if they exceed 30 pgs.
  • Charges: We do not charge reciprocal libraries or LVIS group libraries for interlibrary loans. Charges for non-reciprocal libraries are $15.00 for loans, and $10.00 for photocopies (up to 50 pgs.).
  • Recalls: Items will be recalled if requested by a WSDOT employee.
  • Shipping Policy: Materials are generally shipped First Class. We usually do not ship materials Library Rate. UPS and Federal Express shipping may be used if billed to requesting library’s account number.

Interlibrary Borrowing
If we don’t have a requested book, report, document or article, we can usually borrow it from another library or document delivery vendor.

We will borrow materials on behalf of WSDOT employees and WSDOT contractors/consultants.

Whenever possible, we will attempt to borrow from libraries which do not charge for loans. However, if the WSDOT Library is charged for loan of materials or copies of articles, then the employee's office will be responsible for those charges.


We loan our circulating materials to Washington State employees with a valid Washington State Library card. We loan some materials to other libraries through interlibrary loan.

Level of Service - contractors, consultants and Washington State employees
WSDOT Libraries provide full services to WSDOT employees, and (with some limitations) contractors and consultants as defined below.

Contractor – Any person, firm, or corporation under contractual agreement with WSDOT for the performance of a job or completion of a project (for definition of contract see RCW 39.04.010).

Consultant – An independent individual or firm contracting with WSDOT to perform a service or render an opinion or recommendation according to the consultant’s methods and without being subject to the control of the agency except as to the result of the work, including any person providing architectural and engineering professional services for WSDOT and who is not an employee of the agency. (RCW 39.80.020)

In order to justify using agency resources (photocopying, staff time, interlibrary loan fees) and so that the library is not in violation of licensing agreements for online databases, WSDOT contractors/consultants will be required to supply a WSDOT employee contact to verify that their request for library services is for a WSDOT project.

On request we will provide the following additional services to state employees:

  • Issuance of a library card
  • Staff will pull books and hold for later pick-up or send through interoffice mail
  • Check-out of circulating material

Level of Service - citizens

On request, we will give any individual who accesses the WSDOT Library the following services:

  • A response to their reference question or a referral to an appropriate resource
  • Access to the public computer terminal in order to search the online library catalog
  • Access to the library stacks
  • Basic instruction on how to use the online library catalog and how to search free online databases, such as TRID.
  • Ability to make photocopies of materials in the collection within copyright regulations.

All customers may make up to 25 photocopies at no charge. It is the policy of the Transportation Building Library that if the customer wants to make more than 25 photocopies, the materials will be taken to Printing Services for reproduction. Copying policies may differ at the Materials Laboratory and Ferries Division libraries.

Only a publication published by WSDOT or the Transportation Commission may be photocopied in its entirety. Library staff will take photocopying requests of more than 25 pages and requests for reproduction of WSDOT publications to Printing Services. A price list can be found on the Printing Services website.