• Agency Publications

Agency Publications

Highway Map
Washington State Highway Map

Transportation Plan, Route Development, Trends and more...


Gray Notebook  (Measures, Markers and Mileposts)
Quarterly publication

Legislative Reports

Performance Reporting
Accountability and performance publications

Crash Related

Crash requests
Request collision data

Manuals and Technical Specs

Design Manual and other design publications

On-Line Technical Manual Library, Publication Search, etc.

Sources to assist hydraulic designers

Manuals - Engineering Publications

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Standards for traffic control devices installed along state highways

Research Reports
Searchable collection of research reports published by WSDOT

Roadside Manual 
Chapters include laws and policies, visual functions, wetlands, wildlife, safety rest areas, soil amendments, contour grading, soil bioengineering, vegetation, restoration, and design enhancement.

Standard Plans
Design Standards, View or Download Plans

Traffic Design
MUTCD, Traffic Manual, Standards Specifications, etc.