US 97 - Okanogan River Bridge at Omak - Deck Repair - Complete September 2018

Project news

The project officially began August 1.  The detour and construction work began as the Omak Stampede ended on Aug. 13 and continued 16 days to Aug. 28.


The deck on the US 97 bridge over the Okanogan River in Omak was deteriorating and in need of rehabilitation to preserve its operational and structural integrity. A $670,000 project to fix the deck began Monday, Aug. 1 and was completed by Labor Day. 

During construction all US 97 highway traffic was detoured through Omak around the clock on state routes 215 and 155. 

Needs & benefits

US 97 is a critical freight transportation corridor in and out of Canada and preservation of this bridge is necessary to maintain the route.


Contract #9279 was awarded to Hamilton Construction Co. on June 8, 2018. Construction began August 1 and was complete by September.


This (P-2) Highway Capital Structures Preservation project's construction funding was $670,000 of state and federal dollars. 


Dave Kieninger, Project Engineer (509) 667 2880

Jeff Deal, Project Designer (509) 667 2869 Email: