US 12 - Wishkah River Bridge - Mechanical Rehabilitation

Project news

  • Crews plan to rehabilitate the 1925 US 12 Wishkah River Bridge beginning in summer 2024. Making these repairs preserve the bridge, which is a vital transportation link between Aberdeen and other Pacific Ocean beach communities.
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  • During construction, multiple week-long closures of the bridge are required. Travelers will detour using State Route 107 and US 101. The detour adds 15 minutes of travel time. Local residents are encouraged to consider alternate routes.

Needs & benefits

For almost 100 years, the US 12 Wishkah River Bridge has served as the “entrance to Aberdeen” and people visiting nearby beaches like Ocean Shores and Seabrook. Beyond its location as the city’s entrance, it is also a bascule bridge. A bascule bridge is a type of drawbridge that moves in an upward swing to allow for marine traffic to pass. The Wishkah is one of three bascule bridges in Grays Harbor County. 

Over the years, maintenance crews have continued to repair the crossing to allow it to close properly. Despite crew’s best efforts, outdated parts and worn conditions have prevented the bridge from reopening successfully to vehicle traffic and pedestrians resulting in delays.

This project addresses worn mechanical components of the bridge that need replacement. In order to do this important work, the bridge will need to remain in the “down” position which prohibits larger marine vessels from traveling up or down the river. During construction, travelers will also see the bridge closed to vehicle traffic for up to one week at a time several times during the course of the project. To keep goods and people moving, travelers will follow a signed detour using State Route 107 and US 101. Any closures will be announced in advance. WSDOT will work to limit closures and noise as much as possible, however this is to be expected.


  • Spring 2023 – Contract advertised expected
  • Summer 2024 – Preliminary construction begins (minor affects to travelers)
  • Fall 2024 – Mechanical repairs begin (expect week-long closures of the bridge at a time)
  • Fall 2025 – Most work complete


Financial Data for PIN 301277I
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $13,709
CWA $0
Total $13,709


Construction Project Engineer
Karen Boone

Media Relations
Tina Werner

US 12 Wishkah River Bridge mechanical repairs