US 101 - Bagley Creek and Siebert Creek - Remove Fish Barriers

Project news

  • On Friday, Oct. 22, two lanes of eastbound traffic opened at Bagley Creek. By late Oct. 2021, both westbound lanes will open over Bagley Creek. Final work including guardrail installation and paving will wrap up by Nov. 2021. Work is mostly complete.
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Needs & benefits

This project will eliminate barriers for fish and open potential upstream habitat. Also, the work will simulate what is found in a natural stream bed.

Crews are removing and replacing several outdated culverts at Bagley Creek and Siebert Creek between Port Angeles and Sequim for improved fish passage. During construction, travelers will encounter shifted lanes and reduced speed limits through fall of 2021 from Deer Park Road to just east for Shore Road. Crews aim to remove five existing culverts; two that run underneath both directions of the US 101, two along James Page Road and one along South Bagley Creek Road.

Why is WSDOT correcting fish passage barriers under US 101 near Port Angeles?

Correcting fish passage barriers is an important part of the state's efforts to protect and restore fish runs negatively affected by outdated culverts under state highways. 

In 2013, a federal court injunction required the state to significantly increase the state’s efforts in removing state-owned culverts that block habitat for salmon, bull trout and steelhead.

Replacing the outdated culverts with new full-span bridges and fish passable structures will barriers and increase the likelihood of migration through the channel. Fish will be able to pass through both creeks easier as the water will be slower and the bridges will span of a more natural creek environment.

Bagley Creek

An outdated culvert presently blocks fish passage under both eastbound and westbound travel lanes of US 101 at Bagley Creek. The highway at this location will be replaced with a concrete girder bridge, which will carry four lanes of traffic (two lanes in each direction), and a new box culvert will be placed under James Page Road. Crews will install three additional culverts for the East Tributary to Bagley Creek, one under South Bagley Creek Road and two under James Page Road.  Once complete, Bagley Creek's potential habitat gain for fish is approximately seven miles.

Siebert Creek

Siebert Creek already has a bridge that crosses the highway in the eastbound direction. As such, crews will remove the box culvert underneath US 101 and span the creek with a concrete girder bridge for westbound traffic. This particular creek has an anticipated habitat gain of 34 miles. Crews will be required to maintain at least a single lane of travel in both directions during construction. Any road closures will be announced in advance. 

Due to the extensive work required, this project will occur over a two-year period. All in-stream work will occur during approved Department of Fish and Wildlife's "Fish Windows" to minimize impacts to aquatic species.

The End Result

The existing stream channels and Bagley and Siebert Creeks will be graded to simulate natural streambeds for improved fish migration as identified in WSDOT's federal court injunction. The work in both locations will open up nearly 41 miles of potential upstream habitat for several fish species.


  • Jan. 2020 – Project advertised for competitive bidding
  • March 2020 - Project awarded to Scarsella Brothers, Inc.
  • May 2020 – Construction begins
  • Late Fall 2021 – Most work complete



Financial Data for PIN 310104F, 310198G
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $34,938
CWA $1,046
Total $35,984


Dan McKernan
WSDOT Port Angeles Project Engineer

Tina Werner 
WSDOT Media Relations

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US 101 Bagley Creek Project Map

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US 101 Siebert Creek Project Map